Sunday, October 25, 2020

Trolls Guilt You into Wearing a Diaper on Your Face


[Trolls: Big Pharma, government, etc
obviously made this list.

If you are wearing a [Trolls: Big Pharma, government, etc made this list.

If you are wearing a diaper on your face now when you never did before then you do fear...
You fear being ridiculed, seen as inconsiderate.
You fear pathogens. Being part of the solution would be taking off the diaper. Where is there proof that walking around with a mask on is a part of any solution for anything? First they would have to prove that a pathogen got isolated. Next, they would have to prove how it is transmitted and what would stop it. Then, they would have to prove that a mask actually does stop it. However, if you do not comply with the experiment on all of humanity, then you are part of the solution to stop this Wag the Dog fraud.

The government obviously does control you if today you are wearing a mask when last year you wouldn't have ever worn a mask to go out in public. The microbiome that's around us has always been around us and always will be around us and it is actually part of what helps keep humans healthy, the switching and swapping of microbiome. Obviously the government has told you that you would be an upstanding citizen if you wore a mask and so you're going to wear a mask because the government programmed you that way. You don't think the government is controlling you because you're not the one in charge of your thinking.

Consideration of others has been defined to you by your programmers. Now, you really think that consideration can only be demonstrated by putting on a mask and complying to a government ordinance. True, you have the ability to choose your own response, but you didn't choose to put a diaper on your face. You were programmed to do it.

Without the programming, it would mean you're weak, because it would mean that you think so little of your internal terrain and your choices in life to keep you safe. So you're afraid and you've put a diaper over your face because you've been told that it will protect you. If you are not weak, then you are brave and strong and you trust in yourself and in God, in your Light, and in your terrain.

Wearing a mask proves that you have been educated by controlled scientists who are contracted by Big Pharma and the governments of the world. It proves that, so I think stupid is a harsh word. Wearing a mask shows that you're ignorant to true science, especially since even the controlled scientists do not have any proof that the population wearing a mask is safe, effective, or necessary.

Then the trolls always do the guilt. They're going to say that you're not wearing a mask because you don't like the way it makes you look or because you don't like the way it makes you feel. You may not be wearing a mask because no- one's given you a reason to wear a mask. But they're going to turn it around and now guilt you. You need to wear a mask or else it shows that you don't care about all those people who are hurting by something that's known as covid. This is part of the programming.

The government made up the rules to make people die alone in hospitals and in nursing homes. They are the ones who are behaving as if there is a pathogen that has been isolated and they're using that manipulation of you to take away your humanity.

Now this is the final program, Ask yourself if you could have helped them a little by wearing a mask.

Without anything other than guilt and fear over what people might think of you, they got you to wear a mask. 

You wearing a mask doesn't help people. 

It does help hurt the population though because you are harming yourself and you are an individual in this population.

Maybe you could notice that whoever put that thought in your head that wearing a mask helps anyone possibly had a reason for doing so. 

Go and find the answers. 

While you're at it, there is no proof that wearing a mask is safe for you or safe for humanity as a whole, so you may want to find that out with some good hard research.   

You fear being ridiculed. You fear being seen as inconsiderate.

You fear pathogens. 

Being part of the solution would be taking off the diaper. 

There is no proof that wearing a mask is safe for you or safe for humanity as a whole, effective in stopping a pathogen that was never even isolated, effective in stopping a small virus that has been isolated, or necessary.]

Added 4/19/21

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