Friday, September 24, 2021

Dear Friends & Childhood Contacts


Dear Friends & Childhood Contacts,

I am not responsible for “rising covid numbers.”

Let’s talk about what I am.  I am an active member of my community.  I stopped a cell tower from being built despite the bragging and legislation for it.  That became one non-existent tower on that corner, so is unable to harm people. 

I sent a healthy, confident, well-adjusted, emotionally sound child into the world who graduated from a four-year college by twenty and a half years old.  I did this through keeping pharmaceuticals and Western Medicine from her.  I did that through searching his-story and what was left out, so I knew the full picture and who the opponents were; therefore, I knew how to protect her.

I found the Judicial District hidden underneath the District of Columbia that is a force controlling many on the lands of the USA and Australia.  I found the slavery of US citizenship and the way out.  I also can use the Judicial District to send my post with my signature and no stamp, even to other countries.

I learned about frequency attacks on humans and the rise of AI.  I have no SMART meter on the wall of my home.  Wi-Fi is turned off at night.  The computer is corded/cabled.  The battery in the cell phone can come out.  There are no SMART products in my home.  Measures of protection have been implemented.  I contribute little to the EMF poisoning of humanity.

As educated as I was on health, I learned more to protect myself and others from the successive humans I knew were coming.  (If you had the bot & clot $hot, it is best to assume you are already the successive human rather than hoping you only received a salt solution.)  This model of human would be transmitting bioweapons received from a lab.  Those choosing to become light-bearer humans, the other choice at this point of focus, would need to be a high enough frequency to rise above many aspects of the constant attacks that were about to come.  But foods were also to be available in order to be responsible for personal internal terrain no matter how many “transmitters” were to come into contact with me.  I searched and found some.

I opted out of the experiments on humanity during this Wag the Dog Psy-op because I knew the reasons for them and knew they were harmful and based on lies.  All of them.  (And by the way, if you needed a mask, your temperature constantly taken, a PCR process—as if it is a test finding a pathogen, to be six feet apart from humans, locked away from humans, or excessively washing your hands…and if you needed a so-called experimental pharmaceutical for health, then having avoided all of them, I should be a wreck.  I am not.  I can run, walk, shop, party, write, read, etc at will.  No-one in my circle has gotten sick from me and I have not gotten sick from them.)

Because I knew this psy-op’s intention and that it was a lie, I knew how to remain well.  What I did not anticipate is your hostility.  You get to make the choice to fear everything and everyone and to allow whatever you want to be injected into yourselves, but you make me wrong for opting out of the same.  You claim my choice is harming you when, if anything, you and your fear has been weaponized.

If you could put your fear and hatred down, I would love to see you in person again.  I am bare-faced.  I am a pure-blood.  I am human.  Does that scare you?  If yes, perhaps consider unplugging for two weeks and revisit your thoughts on the Covid Era and those in the Control Group.  (And if it is science you admire, then should you not respect those in the Control Group?)

Bright Day,


Paget Anne of Essendon   

 10/01/21 added

[A long time ago, a clairvoyant treated me when he saw an interdimensional thing that looked like this on her slide swimming in my head.
When I was about five, I received the Small Pox and Polio toxine. The clairvoyant said that he had seen this interdimensional parasite in the heads of others who received one of these shots.
Interesting that this is a more physical version of what he got out of my head. Your controllers have had the tech for a long time. Also, I worked with a young boy whose behavior changed suddenly every now and then. I was certain parasites in his brain moved every now and then. Parasites from the v's. This is what this $h*t has in common with real v's.
I have seen younger children lie on their tummies on a bench, hanging their heads over the end and they calm down. (This is one child here and there through the years.) I think it makes the parasites move off a spot. Parasites from v's.
Please realize the criminals-that-believe-they-be also have been raining nanobots on us through geoengineering. They can move the bots with frequency. (Thus, Section 704 of 1996 Fed Telecommunication Act for freedom to erect towers.)
Yes, this is a spiritual warfare. As I say in my book. You will become the successive human robot with your soul tricked by the imposter ray, or the light-bearer human. Your choice.]

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