Monday, May 30, 2022

Presumptive Notice for Blinken

 I sent this through the General Post-office registered.  This time, I did not go in for the round-dater to use the worker as a third-party witness.  When I receive the green card back, or have proof that it arrived, I will go in to the District Court and file under Property for Rights. (This Notice is related to Rights.  I am not interested if there even is a natural, contagious anything.  They do not have permission to trespass.)  I will pay for certificates and carry one with me.  Grow into this step.  Be ready for it.  I have been doing FOIAs for two years getting very well acquainted with some legal teams.

Jones, Jane                                                                                     

c/o #### Street

City, California                                                                                             RA ### 000 111 US



28 May 2022



Secretary of State Blinken

Department of State

2201 C Street NW,

Washington, DC 20520



Re: substantive law and evidence



Dear Secretary of State Blinken:

Please disaffirm the following facts using substantive law and evidence.

1)     After the Civil War, the Fourteenth Amendment was passed to protect the newly freed slaves giving them the political status of US Citizens.

2)     The passage of the Fourteenth Amendment did not affect or change existing political status of white citizens known as State Nationals and now known as US Nationals.

3)     I have the Right/Duty to choose which political status I want to be.

4)     I have not abdicated Natural Rights/Duties, nor given consent to trespass.

5)     I experience body autonomy and self-determination and may roam without a mask, PCR “test” and without any vaccine.

You have thirty (30) calendar days from receipt of this Notice to respond to me in notarized affidavit form with a man or woman signing the affidavit.  Failure to reply within thirty (30) calendar days to this Notice disaffirming the above statements means you acquiesce to their validity. As per number three, my status is as US National.


Sincerely yours,                                    



 Jones, Jane                                                                  


                                                                                Witness                                                    Witness











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