Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Please See & Discern


Many c*vid psy-op era videos will lead you to believe there was a transmissible, contagious, natural virus with careful words they choose such as, “The va((ine didn’t stop the transmissibility of the virus.” The reader gets roped into the drama of how awful it is to have been mislead, getting Astrally tugged into anger and fear, while all the while subconsciously accepting that there ever was a natural virus to start with.

These videos are harmful to your health.

Let’s look at one. 


I knew about va((ines as biowarfare by 1987. Information was out there. I knew about other modalities of balancing and healing (and still am learning) and knew that those behind Big Pharma worked to stop and discredit the true healing modalities.

It was a lot later that I learned about Germ Theory as a weapon to make certain Western Medicine could take the hold that it has on communities. I learned how personal frequency and physical choices could dictate health or dis-easement.

It was a lot later that I learned that no natural contagious virus has ever been isolated, but had long since wondered how my mother, who had never experienced German Measles, nursed me through it when I was six months old and then 2 ½ years old and never “caught” it. When I was 5, she experienced it and many of her students visited her at her home without fear of it.

These videos want you to get off on being a victim. But truly, information has always been available to you.

Earth is a place with “bad” entities, human and otherwise, here. If you choose to blindly trust one or many, you will learn from that experience.

It is terrific that a man decides to take on the opponent because he believes he has been harmed.  But two things: 1) He chose to blindly believe without searching out one single idea. Is a $hot of any description really necessary? 2) He is affiliated with the opponent to humanity. Sometimes, a loved one will be murdered to promote the family member in some way such as fame. This man is no ordinary Joe from down the block working a ten hour day.

Banksters and presstitutes are sneaky and infiltrate everywhere. Is it worth it to listen to things such as this video above? How does it benefit you? You do not need permission to learn Common Law and how to work the clerk’s office of a court to hold opponents to humanity accountable.

If anything, this man may be the opponent to humanity’s spokesman. He IS informing you what is to happen.

Please recall that within you is Pinky-rose Love. It is there for you to create a Space of Love. You can enjoy Earth despite the “bad” guys here.

Your Natural Rights have not been cancelled. Something evil has no standing to trespass on you. Stop giving permission.

Please ignore drama about a country’s reaction to this $hot. It doesn’t benefit you in any way. Ignore c*vid psy-op drama, or they are getting what they want from you.

Please know that some lot numbers of va((ines have had gene-altering properties in them for decades as per 13.1’s warning. If they didn’t test for something, then they are informing you that it will be in some vials. The opponent to humanity knows there is no natural, contagious virus. Why are they giving $hots? (Same with the PCR tool. It tests for no natural contagious virus, why give it?) The answers are simple.

When you listened to the link above, did you feel empowered and confident the whole way through? No anger? No fear? Please stop listening to “click bait.” It is not serving you.

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