Monday, January 18, 2010

Bye-Bye Microwave!

I am sitting here contemplating a MLK blog, enjoying holding a hot cup of coffee, and having a few sips, enjoying the rain and the fact that my mother did it!
Today is the first day that she no longer uses a microwave. Saturday we found her old fashioned stainless steel non-electric, filter included, coffee maker. This morning, she placed it on the stove, poured the boiling water into the wide opening, and placed the lid on it. In only a few minutes, the water passed through the coffee grounds and into the pot part of the contraption. Another benefit is that she no longer needs to purchase coffee filters.

In the past, my mother put her coffee in the microwave, because the electric coffee maker just did not get the coffee hot enough for her taste. This old fashioned contraption does!

Bye-Bye microwave!
For information on the harmful effects of microwaves, please visit

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