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Vivaxis for Health

"When you honor who you are, then you honor all else in life.
Honoring yourself is the masonry of the castle."
Getting There by Michael Roads
According to Judy Jacka, N. D., “The science of Vivaxis” is powerful at “restoring and harmonizing body energies.” In her book, The Vivaxis Connection, she goes onto say, “The Vivaxis is your life axis, your energy umbilical cord to the planet. It is the place where you plug into the Earth and its life-supporting energies.” During the last few weeks of gestation, a small sphere of energies, about the size of a fetus, is being established in a point in the Earth near to the fetus’s geographical position. A two-way circuit from the baby’s energy field, etheric and electromagnetic, to the Earth will remain for the duration of the human’s life. A disruption with the flow within this personal circuit will manifest as immune system and/or nervous system malfunctions, which may lead to impaired health.

Learning how to do the exercises for connecting to the individual life axis assists people whose health has already become compromised, or people who simply wish to keep their energy flowing and balanced in calling on their subtle energy bodies, allowing them to become an “instrument for finding, comparing, assessing, and using energies.” These energies are not of the astral or psychic realms. They are of the physical realm (gravitation, magnetism, and electricity), though less dense than even gases. The Vivaxis connection uses the Earth’s energies for individual and planetary health. Memory, concentration, and paralysis are just a few areas that have improved consistently with Vivaxis exercises. At times when a person is forced to fall back on his or her own resources, for instance, because of traveling away from home, experiencing a disaster, or being completely broke, knowing how to do Vivaxis exercises may be all that is available to bring relief, and it is free!

Fran Nixon, a Canadian whose meticulous work studying energies had attracted the interest of physicists, self-published and taught her discoveries about Earth energies during the 1960’s. Prior to her death in 1985, she asked Jacka to continue her work, even though there was a difference between the two women: Nixon was purely and fully involved with the Vivaxis dynamic, and Jacka was more eclectic, having studied ley lines, the Hartmann grid, the Curry grid, and Feng Shui. The subtle energies with which Nixon and Jacka worked are now recognized by more and more lay people and scientists as “the blueprint for growth and regrowth, or healing.” Earth energies flow in layers. The advantage to knowing how to work within these layers is that we can make water cleaner, have more energy, and inactivate harmful frequencies, such as
those emitted by cell phone towers.

How does acupuncture or some other form of energy healing fit into this model? Vivaxis science “examines the source of those vibrational therapies that form the basis of vitamin and mineral therapy, homeopathy, flower essences, acupuncture, and color therapy, among many other therapies.” Jacka interprets Vivaxis energies to be both etheric and electromagnetic. In acupuncture, the meridians, or energy pathways, are actually in the etheric body, the densest of all the subtle bodies that make up humans. In esoteric terms, the etheric body is the one which remains with the physical body until death. For example, a person without a limb may continue to feel fingers or toes due to the presence of the etheric body. In other words, “the etheric world forms an interface between our physical brain consciousness and our different levels of consciousness.” Being in balance helps one to be a reliable instrument.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a five-element theory, which closely resembles the relationship between individuals and the Earth. TCM also encourages an individual to follow their constitutional needs when choosing “foods, sounds, colors, and surroundings” in order to rebalance a person’s energies. The therapeutic points (acupoints) on the meridians correspond with “sites at which important activities in the Vivaxis model take place.” Nixon discovered how essential mineral frequencies are received on various acupoints, since each point is connected to the Vivaxis. In fact, our full energy field has thousands of such receptors. Jacka then developed Vivaxis work related to the energy centers, such as the pineal gland (corresponding to the acupoint Yin Tang in TCM) and its magnetic properties, to the energy layers.

Esoteric Acupuncture and many other esoteric practices recognize that humans are made up of multiple bodies--the etheric and electromagnetic physical are only two. Humans, however, are not alone in being made up of multiple bodies. The Earth has multiple bodies as well. Jacka asserts that humans can affect the Earth’s mental and spiritual bodies more than any other life form residing on Earth. So we can help our home planet by becoming aware of how our actions related to our personal Vivaxis connection. Likewise, negative aspects about the Earth can adversely affect humans. Knowledge about the Earth’s grid systems, discovered by Drs. Hartmann and Curry, are important for human’s to know because neutral ground should be sought before attempting to “absorb the life-giving frequencies” that energy work has to offer.

The Vivaxis Connection promises to be a very helpful book. However, Jacka recommends that when reading her book, readers would do well to capture the main idea first and then to zoom in on the details during another reading at a later time.

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