Friday, August 17, 2012

Vaccine Hoax

 After years of becoming breathless explaining about vaccinations and the scams involved with them, it's so nice when I can just refer you to a link.  The lies about Gardasil and the laws in place in order to promote Gardasil are overwhelming the public.  Please use this link and listen to Mike Adams.  After that, continue your research before you ever allow a whited coated god or anyone to put that poison into your system, or to that of your child.

Also, see my article, "Protect Our Children", here in the November, 2011 section for ideas on how to protect your child when the law allows children to make medical decisions for themselves.  This knowledge is important, because school nurses can pull your child from class, ask if he or she wants the Gardasil shot, and can give it if the child says, "I don't know.  I guess so."  Should he or she hesitate, or say, "No way," the nurse may try to bully them into it saying that the child's parents wouldn't mind, and other such manipulations.

When a doctor suggests a vaccination, please research it thoroughly before you consent.  If you should decide to allow it, please have just one vaccination at a time.  It's easier to report the vaccination in question when injury or death has occurred if you know exactly which one it is.

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