Sunday, June 28, 2015

Refusal to Treat Anti-Vaxers

Some say that an unvaccinated child will not be able to see a doctor when/if the unvaccinated child experiences a disease that a vaccine would have, in their opinion, prevented-possibly due to insurance companies refusing to pay.  Is that comment supposed to scare parents into vaccinating their kids?  The comments specifically identify “society” as not wanting to help unvaccinated children.  If “society” allows vaccines to be given and it has been proven that vaccines can harm, what makes anyone think that parents of unvaccinated kids would want doctors (that give vaccines) to help their children?  At any rate, those doctors who have already accepted a non-vaccinated child into their practice cannot turn that child away. They can only refuse to treat the child (who is already an established patient) by referring the child to another doctor who will treat him or her.  Due to recent changes and California’s new current law, a parent’s signature on the beliefs exemption is no longer enough.  Parents have to visit a doctor and receive a propaganda talk about how wonderful vaccines are, and then the doctor has to also sign the paperwork.  If the parent makes an appointment and pays for the visit with the child present and a file has been started, a relationship has been established.  Parents who have done research and who have subsequently decided against vaccines (and for health) would, possibly, prefer to take their chances on not vaccinating and on finding a competent health care provider in another field than western medicine.  Especially if the main problem is the insurance company's refusal to allow a treatment, well, that just shows which group (alternative or western medicine) is in bed with the devil.  (For those of you residing outside the United States: The US Government has seen to it that all residents have to have medical insurance with the specifics of the insurance put forth by the government.  No-one may choose a company that pays out to color or sound healers, no-strings to acupuncture treatments, Ozone Therapy, Photon Sound beam Machine type therapy, Essential Oil therapy, helio (sun) therapy, homeopathy, etc.  The insurance companies mainly pay out to repair work by doctors that causes harm on at least one level.  If a person refuses to buy into the insurance scam then they are fined.  If they refuse to pay the fine, they can lose their license to work in certain fields.  This is why parents who don't even like or trust doctors and insurance companies are still bound to them at least financially.)

Regardless of whether a relationship has previously been set up or not, true practitioners will help all children.  They, AuthenticSelf Acupuncture & Beyond included, will not discriminate.  We will not and do not allow insurance companies to dictate your health needs to us.  We went to school.  We have Intuition.  We are here to work with people to know true balance, inner cleanliness, and health.

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