Friday, June 12, 2015

Update on the 2009 Vaccine Story

When AB 2109 became a law, it stated that parents had to wait until the June before January 2014 before they could start getting a doctor's signature in order to opt out of vaccines.  My daughter and I went back to the doctor she had seen in order to get into kindergarten.  The doctor was very nice.  He came out to the waiting room and showed me in my daughter's still very thin file where I had signed off that he'd given me a chat on vaccines.  Therefore, all we had to do was to write the present date and both of us signed it.  I used that paper in order for my daughter to remain in public school.  It cost me nothing.  Nice.

"By the way," he said to me as we were fixing to leave.  "We have a new policy here now where we no longer see new patients who are not vaccinated.  Your daughter is a continuing patient, so we won't turn her away.  But, if she ever comes here when ill, please enter through the back door."

(Awe.  He doesn't want them making her sick.  He sees her as unprotected.  How thoughtful!)

"I don't want her making my patients sick."



If they are vaccinated, then why does he fear her making them sick?  Is this an admission that vaccines don't really protect his patients from illnesses?

By the way, his talk to me all those years ago about vaccines was a simple ploy to make me fearful so I'd vaccinate her.  He never informed me about what vaccines supposedly do, what the ingredients supposedly are, or any other information that the state of California might think is helpful.

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