Saturday, October 3, 2015

I’ve Created a…


You know that saying, “I’ve created a monster,”? I’ve done that in two ways.  Firstly, I created the monster in the form of a limited belief that manifested in lack.  Secondly, my family pointed it out to me, so the monster was the saying, because my preaching just got shoved in my face.

It’s so much smoother when the thing created is from the limitless side, even when we place a limit on it.  Long ago, when I was a starving student (though employed fulltime), I drove home from Yo San University, saying, “At least $10,000 has now come to me.  No-one died or was injured in order for it to do so.  It just came, because it could.  So be it.  It was so,” every night for only about a month.  I suppose I threw the “So be it” part in there, because it was an affirmation for the future I wished to create.  At the same time, I wanted it in the past tense to ensure it would get created, so I added, "It was so."  I would hold my hand in my lap palm up, feeling the pile of money as I “saw” the stack of $1,000 bills there.

One day, I went to get the mail at the mailboxes of the fifty condos where I lived.  A neighbor was also there.  He said to me, “Did you hear that we are going to get at least $10,000?”  I recognized the exact wording of my affirmation and knew it was coming.  No, I hadn’t heard.  He explained that the Northridge Earthquake settlement was finally coming through after all these years and that the current owners will split the leftovers after all the repairs had been made.

After all the repairs had been made and after the garage doors had all been updated through the committee vote, each homeowner received $23,000.

We really do have the choice, even with karma along side our present thinking.  We can create a monster of an experience, or the inverse.  What will you set out to create?

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