Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Justice for All

I’m beginning to think that Lady Justice is blindfolded, because the only way the public can find justice is to not look for it outside of imagination. Unsafe dental care, mandatory vaccinations, and forced cancer treatments, how can they support justice for all?

Why can only the rich have access to safe dental care, for instance?  Oh, you think the average dentist is safe?  I have seen amalgam fillings in three and four-year-olds' teeth recently, and my daughter's dentist was still putting amalgam into children’s teeth up until a few years ago.  Fluoride is in the paste used at cleanings as well as the fluoride treatments themselves.  The plastic used in sealants and such is not safe.  The posts of some root canals are made out of mercury.  A holistic biological dentist uses top rate materials as well as ozone.  These dentists cost a fortune and patients have to pay up front, their insurance may pay a little back to the patient at a later date.  Why are unsafe practices permitted in regular dentistry?  Is this justice for all?

H.R. 2232 and SB 277 are proof of the tyrannical legislation that the powers that be would have in place.  The United States government wants to strip parents of their medical rights over their children.  They are actually mandating vaccines to be given to children and babies when no-one has ever tested a multiple dose vaccine being given at one time with a whole bunch of single doses.  Not only that, the only legislation that I know of put into place to limit thimerosal levels in vaccines, is AB 2943.  Unfortunately, Article 9: 124172c of this law allows an exemption to the law.  So whereas parents are not permitted to exempt their children from vaccines in some places, legislation that was put into place in order to protect those receiving vaccinations, can be exempted by increasing thimerosal levels.  Also, let’s point out that this law, AB 2943, is only supposed to protect pregnant women and children under three years of age.  If your children are over three, there is no legislation of which I am aware, to protect them against high levels of thimerosal poisoning.  Further, there exists no article or section to AB 2943 stating that it must be disclosed to parents that the vile of vaccine that a child is about to receive has high thimerosal levels in it, due to an exemption.   Is it justice for all when the government can mandate heavy metal poisoning?

In 1930, Royal Rife proved that when the healthy environment of the body changes dis-ease may follow.  Likewise, he showed how to re-establish a healthy environment as some did before him and many have done since him.  Yet, in spite of all the evidence about cancer’s true genesis, in about 1939, the US government decided to mandate three treatments for cancer: surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.  Public Health and Safety Code 1707.1 ensures the same for Californians specifically, just in case someone overlooks the federal law.  This makes it difficult for someone who can assist you in balancing dis-ease in your body, specifically from advertising that this practitioner may heal your cancer.  It also means that if a seventeen-year-old researches (reads and interviews people) and decides on a course of action to improve his or her health and rid his or her body of cancer, the government can take the child away from his or her parents and force the patient to undergo surgery, chemotherapy, and or radiation against the will of the whole family.  Legislation is put into place to line the pockets of pharmecuetical companies as well as to ruin the health of citizens.  Where is the justice for all when the government gets to decide about your health decisions when they go against yours?

If people choose not to research and to blindly follow the advice of their doctors, they may very well accept dental amalgam and fluoride treatments, vaccinations to the schedule, and surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation for the supposed treatment of cancer.  Are Americans of 2015 really willing to accept poisons to be legislated, though?  If choice for citizens is gone, yet groups like the American Academy of Pediatrics, the California Academy of Family Physicians, and the California Immunization Coalition are allowed to receive exemptions to legislation meant to protect the public, where is the justice for all in that?



The law is missing from public record: 1707.1 http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/.html/hsc_table_of_contents.html


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