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Rebuttal to The Union’s, Vaccine Safety: The state of Vaccinations

A friend sent this article by way of, “See?  You are wrong to think vaccines aren’t safe.”  So, let me walk you through this propaganda.

This article is so full of misinformation and missing information, that I almost don’t even want to bother doing this much.  To start with, many of us who see vaccines for what they are figure there is a sinister reason Pan’s handler wants SB 276 passed.  The picture is of the educated trying to demonstrate how his reasoning for the medical exemption is fraudulent.  There truly is no problem.  When SB 277 was designed, one of the key players wanted the medical exemption left in place and now Pan is going back on his word.  He knew the future.  He knew the plan.  Let me tell you what it is.  They want SB 276 to pass so when they come for the adults within two years, you will have to get vaccines before you may renew your driver’s license in California unless you have a medical exemption…which they hope you won’t be able to get.  (Time to become living men, people! Get liberated from the system.)

Jenner was incompetent.  Go ahead.  Look into him and how his vaccine killed his child along with others.

So much to say about Wakefield, as well, so I will leave you with a link for starters.  Know this, a Big Pharma employee, such as doctors and trolls, always say this about Wakefield in their posts, articles, and when in their office.  They learn a line and it’s sheer nonsense.  Though I see him as pro-vax, he seemed decent when I met him in 2002.  He rightly linked the gut to autism.

Those who support vaccines always give credit for an infection’s decline to a vaccine.  Better nutrition, better waste removal and overall cleaner environments, higher percentage of populations with natural immunity, and less stress…for example being able to go out an enjoy the arts over full-time survival mode…all contributed to the decline of people succumbing to infections.  When your gut is strong and you have the right tools at your hands…not Western Medicine, which undermines health…your body can push back and do fine against a pathogen.  Sime infections have a natural rhythm of surfacing and then seemingly going dormant.

As far as I remember, the measles vaccine was available in 1962.  Not widely, but it was around.  How many in their statistic were vaccinated?  Atypical Measles is dangerous.  At least 33% of any outbreak of measles includes vaccinated.  Sometimes more as in the at least 38% of the Disneyland fiasco.

As for the quantity of vaccines being injected into children, there is not one single vaccine schedule that has been tested for safety.  They don’t know how all these vaccines interact with each other in a bloodstream, because no study against a saline-placebo group has ever been done.  No group has ever been followed for one year, five, ten after a decent study.  (How can they prove vaccine schedules safe when an individual vaccine hasn’t been deemed safe?  There’s a reason these tests haven’t been done.)

This is how they vote vaccines in

To what DeBusk said about testing the vaccine against a group that didn’t receive the vaccine…And do you realize the other group did not receive an inert saline placebo?  They received harmful adjuvants or the older version of the vaccine they are “testing,” which isn’t rigorous….
As for unethical to expose to a disease and give them a placebo, we have a whole group who has never been vaccinated that they could use by looking at their medical records as a separate test, but I’m sorry.  If you want to say something has been rigorously tested, you have to have a group who has not received a vaccine.  You are also testing safety along with efficacy.

They do finally admit that some vaccines shed, but hospitals know it is not rare for they warn recently vaccinated to stay away from their most compromised patients.

If vaccines were set against a true saline placebo, everyone would see the gut and neurological damage that vaccines cause.  That’s why they won’t do it.

Of course doctors want children vaccinated.  They get financial rewards when a certain percentage of their clientele have shots and tests.  Further, they know vaccine injuries are big business for them.  Until the client dies, they have a customer for life.  The conflict of interest makes them a group you cannot trust.

This is another element of a Big Pharma employee.  They don’t know…or simply lie blatantly…about what herd immunity is.  Herd immunity comes from the percentage of the population that has experienced the infection in question.  Now they cannot succumb again. It has nothing to do with vaccine rates.  How can it?  The MMR, for instance, only supposedly protects, though I would argue that point…against one genotype of measles.  That is hardly protection when someone who has experienced wild measles has protection against the gamut (24 genotypes).

The NVIC is your tax dollars.  It may seem like the government is paying for the slaughter of your children, but it’s those who purchase vaccines.

Man, the author made it sound so easy to claim your kid was injured by the vaccine.  It’s a difficult process.  Only a few actually win a settlement.

In 1986, it was well-known to those who wished to sue vaccine makers that they had legislation protecting them.  You can only sue if it’s something like a vial that had expired and was shipped out anyway.  That’s why lawsuits dropped dramatically.  It took two years to implement some kind of compensation because vaccine injury was so prevalent, they had to do something.  Also, the article fails to address that the vaccine makers threatened to stop making vaccines because they were losing too much in lawsuits.  That’s why Reagan gave them a free pass.

The bottom line is that if pharmaceutical companies were liable, they would test them for safety, which would mean that they would have to be made completely differently.  (You culture something on animal parts, viruses of unknow varieties will enter your product.  They will lead to problems in some hosts.  13.1 of the inserts attests to them knowingly not being safe.  They make it sound like they just haven’t gotten around to testing them.)  Kennedy’s family don’t know about this issue.
Dr. Alexander Langmuir, the father of infectious disease epidemiology at the CDC was not owned by Big Pharma. Research him.

I have the hard copy of this very long article.  It’s very good.

Important to the conversation of power behind harmful products.  (Also, know that glyphosate is in the animals used to culture your vaccines and has infiltrated the product itself.) A vaccine cannot be called GMO-free.)

Just so you know what’s going on.


I'm not convinced those two deaths were because of measles. One was a lady in 2015 who was diagnosed with measles post-mortem. They looked at her blood after she was dead and decided that even though she had been in hospital for pneumonia, she had measles. So, I think that was a lot of BS. The child who died in 2003, was on immune suppressants and it really seems to me that the doctor didn't want to hurt his reputation about what he was doing so they just said that that child had measles. Also diagnosed after death. If these two people had had measles it should have been on their charts when they were admitted into hospital. Or it should have been added to the charts before they died.


To give you an idea about doctors and Big Pharma



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