Sunday, May 26, 2019

Serve the World Through Saving Your City from 5G

Hello 5G-Free Team,

I am making a plan for both a hearing with the planning commissioner of your city and for a court if needed later.  Here are some points that will assist your city in not going 5G, so please do the things you can and ask neighbors and family members to consider these points, as well.

·         Get a landline

·         Use cash

·         Use a computer more and old-style cameras instead of your cell phone

·         Get rid of microwave

·         Get rid of Smart meter and smart appliances and research if cable over wi-fi has less EMF's.

We need to be able to say, “Yes” or “No” to certain questions that may be asked during the land commissioner’s hearing or even a court hearing to come.  The following is an explanation of the points in detail:

They may ask, “Do you have a land line?” to prove that you’re full of it and are crying about cell phones when they obviously already work in your home.  You are already allowing yourself to be harmed when in your home, so what’s a little more radiation?  We want to be able to say, “Yes!” and surprise the room.  Also, the more residents world-wide who have a land line, the more the-criminals-that-believe-they-be lose power over the masses to enslave them with the smart prison they are trying to establish.  If governments of the world can get the masses on a credit system, they can lock individuals out of using cell phones, having communication accessibility.  For that to work, first we need to be reliant on the cell phone.  We have to embrace all former ways of communication such as writing letters and using land lines.

“Do you use your phone for banking and financial transactions?” You want to be able to say, “No,” because you use your computer perhaps, but are involved with physical cash and knowing your teller at the local bank.  This will ensure humans will perhaps have a job tomorrow, but also makes it harder for governments to take cash from us.  They made banking convenient in order to enslave you in a smart system.  Doesn’t that make you mad?  The more cash that is used, the harder it is for you to be profiled.  Also, the more cash that is used, the less electronic currency is used, the harder it is to get us imprisoned with the credit system.  They want full control of your finances.  If they decide you are bad, they can decrease your worth and lock you out of travel, shopping, etc.  If we don’t go along quietly towards not having physical money, their credit system cannot succeed.  (Yes, I realize cash/money is not as good as the bartering or just freely giving style of long ago, but at least cash helps us to have some power.)

“How much time do you spend on your phone?”  Remember, they may be in a place to subpoena our records of usage to prove that we allow EMF’s into our lives willingly.  Wouldn’t it be astounding if the numbers of usage were low?  I for one would love to see their astonished faces.  I know it’s convenient to watch YouTube or search for information on a cell phone.  That’s why that was given to us: to get us hooked. By getting that weapon that they want to use against us out of our hands, we are taking a step at severing the cord that binds us to an enslaved future.  Likewise, leaving the phone at home or in an office or in a car instead of having it with us everywhere we go is taking back power.  They want to track you.  They want you in fear if you don’t have a cell phone with you.  When I mentioned leaving the cell phone at home, did you feel fear?  “But what if…?”  Remember, not too long ago, we traveled the world, interstate, to work and home without it.  How dare they get us thinking we need it.  Purchase a disposable camera.  Get away from your phone where you can.  Baby steps.

“Do you have a microwave oven in your home?”  If we can say no, we are proving that we don’t freely allow radiation into our homes.  “It is joined to the oven in the home I rent but it is unplugged and never used.”  “Nope.”  Those are two great answers.  There is research out there related to the harm the microwave does to your food, as well as to you in just having it plugged in.  I haven’t needed a microwave.  Not through being a full-time student, employee, mother and wife did I need it.  (The TV would be another emitter of radiation that at least could be unplugged when not in use if the home has one.  They might ask about this emitter to see your willingness to be exposed and use it against you.)

Getting rid of the smart meter is another battle.  Perhaps you can at least state it’s out of your control. had some suggestion of help awhile ago.  I don’t see why you can’t use the same approach that I am taking with the towers and 5G which we’ll briefly touch on shortly.  At the very worst, in the future if you have smart windows and doors, you may be locked in your house.  If you have a smart fridge, not only may you be locked out of it, but you may have too few credits to have it be cold, or some other aspect of control may be used against you.  By the way, the smart appliances hear you and assist spying and profiling.

For the hearing itself…and subsequent court hearings:

Plan on serving notice to the planning commission that you have a doctor’s note stating that the tower will be bad for your health (more in a subsequent blog about detail of this letter so you can get one too.)  Further, state that according to the California Code of Civil Procedure (527.6), Section b (2) “credible threat of violence,” (check code of your state) you will file a restraining order against (name) and those involved with the planning commissioner office, (name at the business that is wanting payment for a cell tower on the premises), and (name cell company) if they go ahead with placing you in fear for your life over assaulting you with EMF radiation by erecting that tower when you have already informed them about your doctor’s note and stance.

Soon I will get ideas for you regarding a strong letter from an MD.  This is called “objective” proof and is powerful.  “Subjective” proof is all they are used to know, research from scientists.  For US citizens, we have to defeat Section 704 of the 1996 Telecommunications Act.

Here’s to hoping we can serve the world through saving our cities from 5G.

Bright Day Thoughts,

Paget Anne of Essendon

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