Sunday, August 9, 2020

Not Tired

[I am not tired.  I'm just amazed at where humanity has placed their trust.

You guys know that the government can experiment on you legally as long as they have one person who isn't affiliated with the experiment. 

You know that the government said in the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 that where communications are involved, health cannot be a concern. They don't test vaccines for safety, effectiveness, or to see that they're necessary and the company that makes vaccines cannot be held liable, yet you line your children, your pets, and yourselves up to receive vaccines.

In spite of their legislation, you know that I took them on and I won. One cell tower did not get built in Harbor City because of one human standing up to the 1% and company. So you know that it can be done. You know you don't just have to comply. Where are you going to draw your line in the sand?

The 1% and company who you trust so deeply... well I guess I'm really impressed with their programming. We really do have a worthy opponent. They're more intelligent than us. 

But, I'm not tired. 

They haven't made Earth an artificial intelligence prison planet in spite of the huge support from humans. I still intend to stop them. There's about 3% of us and that's all we need. It just would have been nice if we had had more people who were aware of what's going on.

It would have been nice if we had more humans who are willing to draw a line in the sand and say "Enough!"]

Captain America 2011 I believe. The one person and Company always tell you what they're going to do. Do you see the three items that will become prevalent in the year 2020 in this picture? Look at the whole scene to see if hand sanitizer or toilet paper is there.]

[I'm not sure you understand what fearing humans and the very air you breathe is establishing.

The 1% and company are going to bring the social credit system in to being. What that means is that your house could become your prison cell. 

AI will be controlling every opening to your house. AI can control your toilet and your refrigerator and your stove. If you don't get enough social credits because you're not towing the line, it can be so that your stove doesn't work or your fridge doesn't work or your front door will not open or your toilet will not flush or your window will not open.

Are you going to let your fear create a prison out of our planet or are you going to go and get educated on Germ Theory, Terrain Theory, and other people's point of view on what viruses are other than what the commercialized scientists tell you what a virus is so they can scare you?

Some of you haven't even wondered why this is called covid-19 when it's happening in 2020.

ID 2020

[I understand your fear.

With my Western Medicine classes when I was attending acupuncture school, I had many discussions with the nurses and doctors who were my teachers. They had been indoctrinated with Germ Theory and with seeing a virus as a bad guy. They were pro-vaccination and thought I was awful because I did not allow my child to have any vaccines.

Well, it's 21 years later. I guess I feel confident in spite of the BS that the commercialized doctors and scientists are telling you because I have a gazillion healing modalities at my fingertips. But I also have my mind.

I know I raised a daughter. Got her through a four-year college and she's almost 21 years old and she never received one single vaccine and she doesn't even go to a doctor. Everybody thought that you can't survive unless you have pharmaceuticals from Big Pharma. Well, she got through college without a support animal. She got through college without any drugs. And let me tell you, she was surrounded by a lot of kids who are brought up on vaccines and Big Pharma and they were not able to stand in themselves, if you know what I mean. If you are allowing television to separate you from your environment, to make you afraid of what is outside of you, there are modalities that can help you balance that.

I am here. I am not afraid of you.

AI is coming for you.]

[Embedded in this video game, it says right there that this virus is a hoax.
It's not really a hoax. It's the weapon that's being used instead of guns.

Truly, the weapon is what you don't know about a virus.]

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