Monday, August 3, 2020

Reflections on Health During a Pandemic

[Why was I healthy when what was supposedly a boogeyman in the air was supposedly killing people?

Seriously. Why was I healthy even if we're not going to focus on how doctors were told that they could write someone had covid-19 even if they just assumed it, and even though doctors were killing people by intubating patients when they shouldn't have been intubated because doctors were seeing someone as having covid-19 before they diagnosed it for sure. Why was I healthy even though hospitals were making money for a covid diagnosis and especially if someone had been intubated... and even while the old people were being killed through being imprisoned and isolated away from everyone?

Well, I didn't wear a mask.

I didn't clean anything beyond how I normally cleaned.

I didn't fear human contact, though I know my health truly needed more than what I was able to find.

My whole life went on to the computer, so I took breaks like walking barefooted in the dirt so the electromagnetic energy could drain out of me.

I traipsed around outside with bare feet and brought that dirt into the house so that bacteria could be in my home until the next appropriate cleaning day... whenever that happened.

Why was I healthy when there was this supposed boogeyman in the air supposedly killing people? Well, I didn't watch the TV news.  I missed out on all the fear and programming.

I was educated. I knew that Germ Theory was a ploy by the commercial scientists in order to help Western Medicine profit.

I was a student of Aajonus Vonderplanitz and Leonard Horowitz so I knew about viruses and engineered viruses.

I had studied about the governments of the world for decades and was well aware of the New World Order, Agenda 21, ID 2020, and the AI prison planet intended for humanity.

I have a safe neighborhood where I can exercise.

I have the knowledge and equipment for chromotherapy, acupuncture, and more if I need it.

I have no respect for Western Medicine and do not rely on it for my health.

I have confidence with what I do trust.

I had the SMART meter removed from the wall of my house. (And wanrned the electric company that I will charge them $200,000 a month from the date that it was installed upon discovery that they had switched out my analog for a SMART device should I ever discover that.)

I stopped a 4G cell tower from being built near my house. They were going to be able to take it to 5G and to 60 gigahertz.

I know about the Red Amendment, the District of Columbia, and the Judicial District.

I'm aware that the rulers of today are no different than when this corporation (country) was being laid out. I know what they do to people who are in their way. You do, too.

I trust people with self-interests to put themselves first and humans last. Therefore, I know not to accept anything they want to offer me... such as a blanket that has been contaminated with smallpox biowarfare.

I didn't have someone telling me that I would be ill so it never entered my consciousness to be I'll.

I rested when I needed to rest.

I am healthy for all the reasons that I'm healthy because I listen to my body. In the past, when I haven't listened to my body, I've gotten sick. I've learned. So you could say that I'm healthy because I've learned.

Is it possible for you to know how to have health without a pharmaceutical?  I'm guessing that the TV would have told you the answer is no. Too bad. You shouldn't listen to them. You should listen to your body.

Still, if you experienced health this whole time the same as me and yet you did every single thing the opposite of what I did, well...that just shows you how diverse we are. Humans are pretty amazing!]

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