Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Sallie Elkordy

Sallie Elkordy was an advocate for humans.  She spoke out against vaccines.  I purchased my "Outlaw Vaccines" shirt from her.  She was the first person who interviewed me for my book when it was about to be sent out to the second last publisher that I tried (over about eight years). I was ready to reach out to her again when I heard that she was gone.  November 22 is a fun assignation date for the Satanists that killed her.  I do not know the official cause of death, but don't doubt it went down as covid.

I don't know why this interview no longer plays.  I have it on cassette so may sign it and record it on Bitchute one day.


The last interview I heard her give, she was subbing for her friend, Ingri, on Immunize Wizely, who went on to interview me in Feb 2021.  Many people of the audience of this show didn't like her guest.  But I think it shows how open-minded she was.  When she interviewed me, she had never heard of "interdimensional."  In two years, she came a long way! 

Here is a show I have never heard.  Sallie is interviewing Ingri (Nov 7) and Nov 21, the last show that she couldn't do...Ingri hosted for her.  Sallie was not feeling well.  She said that she felt she was being hit hard with 5G.  She was murdered after lunchtime on Nov 22 in NY.  They can frequency kill.

I just found the show I had heard 11 months ago.  I am so saddened to see that I never knew Sallie replied to me until now.  I had her e-mail and was so ready to reach out to her and didn't.  Then it was too late.  I have things to inform the world about how to not be murdered in your own home.

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