Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The Programmed

 “There are people with certain ailments that prevent them from being v&ccinated. They can be harmed by those of you who choose to forgo vac*ination.”

"Most people "with certain ailments" are formerly vacc*nated individuals...In fact, from my research and those I have met...ALL who cannot be v*ccinated were v*ccinated in the past. (See inserts for the lists of auto-immune diseases, etc). Humans love being victims and heroes. You are far more powerful than you have been led to believe. You do not need something outside of you injected into you for health. You do not suffer from a Big Pharma deficiency. Honest. And people not slaves to Big Pharma-controlled "healthcare" are not harming others through their health. No-one needs to be that "hero" who receives a pharmaceutical for another's health because there is actually no proof backing that statement. It is a meme recited over and over as part of your programming."

Just know that the programmers have been running this meme for a long time.  The programmed do not question the thought that those who do not receive a certain pharmaceutical are getting those who cannot receive it sick! Commercial science has been around strongly since the late 1800s and has not slowed down.  They got you on electricity so they could get you on TV so they could program you and get you on a computer so they could program you and get you on a cell phone. 

Stop being the programmed.

Get out of the personality level! Thrive!

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