Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The C Shot is the Blue Pill


[You know how in the movie "The Matrix," the character, Neo, swallowed the red pill and it helped his consciousness to find his body?

Well, what if the c shot is the blue pill and it's helping people's bodies find their consciousness?

What if this whole thing is a sorting of frequencies?

The red pilled group have bodies zinging with high frequency and consciousness is attracted.  This group can travel with their consciousness far and wide and can figure out how to travel with their Physical bodies.  When a being attempts an attack, such as implanting, they know and stop it somewhere along the line, and rarely allow it to defeat them. The blue pilled group are lower frequency and their bodies are attracted to their consciousness.  Their consciousness is stuck from the lower Mental level down to the Physical level. They would not believe the things they could do; therefore, they can't.  Their own beliefs are what binds them to lower frequency.  

Does this mean that these two groups are separating into two different frequency experiences? Yes, they sure are!  The red pill group may experience fight or flight kind of fear, whereas the blue pilled group practically only know fear, raw fear, since that is how they are controlled.

Regardless of my theory of the masked group (who believe in germs) having an implant between the third and fourth layers of their Mental bodies (that is holding them prisoners to propaganda and programming), I feel the c shot is not only delivering the imposter ray...AI, to fool them into ignoring their Monadic is the blue pill. Here, the blue pill isn't just that everything will remain the way it always was (a fake reality) like we perhaps believed the blue pill to be. Yes, the c shot does "plugsyou in," but your body will find it's frequency level.]

12/1/2023 added this though they need to define "unvaccinated." All $hots deliver weapons.

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7/13/21 added this link has many links on reasons why not to allow this shot to be injected into you.

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