Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Thoughts on "Germs Debunked Corona"


[I have comments.  

1) I totally love this first video below. It would be nice; though, if it mentioned that it's not just a dead cell that releases what we have called viruses. It is an imbalanced cell fighting for balance that creates a byproduct in the process.  The debris from this process and the debris from a cell that has died are leaving a record in our system. We call both the virus.

2) Bechamp said, that the microzymas is what is naturally there but it will turn into a "good" guy bacteria or a "bad guy" bacterial based on the terrain. So if we are not sleeping well and not exercising enough and are too stressd, for instance, the imbalance to our cells can also signal for microzymases to turn into what we would call a "bad" bacterium, most likely because it too is seeking balance and helping us.

3) I understand his analogy, but the reason the sky is blue is because that's the color that's being thrown off.

4) I love that he mentioned Antoine and Gaston. I mention both of them in my book briefly.

5) I love that he mentions hydroxychloroquine. I've been telling people, "You don't need this the covid doesn't exist! Why are they pushing it?"

6) I love that he's making it clear about toxins. Everything that has ever plagued humanity came from what became Western Medicine.  

7)Antoine Bechamp said that everything goes back to a microzymas so perhaps now they call that a spore. Bechamp also does not believe in germs, microbes. Everything is just a microzymas relating to our terrain.

What they call engineered viruses; what they make in a lab is what hurts you.

This is a must see.] S/

[Check it out. It's the covid graphic 10 years ago.

HIV hysteria is another psy-op.]

[I was suspicious of Dr Simon Fold and the other Frontline Doctors and anyone who was pushing hydroxychloroquine for several reasons. 1) that they weren't saying that no virus was ever identified. 2) they weren't saying that Germ Theory isn't anything rea...that nothing is contagious and that each is responsible for themselves.  And 3) it's still a pharmaceutical . I was wondering why a pharmaceutical was being pushed for a non-existent virus and I thought maybe it was to put something in people that were not going to get the c shot.

8/9/21 added

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