Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Don’t Make Anger Your Reaction

After what has been ingested by humans (atrazine, glyphosate) and injected in many former Genetic humans1 from the c $hot, and with the frequencies of 4G, 5G, SMART meters, Wi-Fi, artificial intelligence inside humans, implants prompting humans, and even more hideous weapons that may alter the ability for a human to think for him or herself, some may react to the Astral tuggings that are to come.  Concentrate on holding your Center.  Don’t make anger your reaction

For example, when suddenly, you will KNOW with every fiber of your being that cancer has been made to happen, that it is a weapon, you may be inclined to feel victimized and angry at having been deceived.  Well, that deception was your own choice.  You only ever had yourself with the ability to stand in the response to what you chose to ignore. If you have ignored amazing humans’ published works, answers, and remedies to this weapon, then remaining in ignorance was your own active choice.  If you never delved into the origins of this weapon, then that too was a choice.  If you chose to be hypnotized by words from a Big Pharma-owned, white-coated god, or words in movies, ads, news stories, etc, then that too was your own choice.  If you chose to feel victimized by it, then that was a choice, too.  For me, when still a teenager watching a teenager suffer with cancer and especially the treatments, I asked why, and searched for the answer.  I will not be shocked when the truth comes out.  I will not wallow in “Poor me!” victimization and anger.  I can only warn, with all that will be revealed soon, don’t make anger your reaction.

If you don’t know that racism was contrived by the criminals-that-believe-they-be in order to get reactive humans to bend to their Will, then when you learn how you have been played, do not make anger your reaction.

When you learn about Credit that you could have simply discharged instead of working 9-5 at a job you don’t like, do not make anger your reaction.

Your ignorance was your choice.  How many of you allowed programming to stop you from researching a truth?  “She’s a conspiracy theorist,” you heard about her and chose not to listen to her.  “Vaccines are safe, effective, and necessary,” you heard and chose not to look at 13.1 of the insert of vaccines.  “Viruses are contagious,” you heard and chose not to research virology, Germ Theory, Gain of Function, vaccines, and more.

You are the one who chose to deny that you have elementals in your blood and sought injections to destroy what you were told is in your blood without researching for yourself.

Genetic humans enjoy being victims. The controllers count on that. Successive humans are prompted to react as victims.  The controllers make that happen.  Genetic humans experience a fake kind of specialness when they feel “done wrong.”  Successive humans are prompted to violence when they are programed to internalize that they have been “done wrong.”

With all that you will be made aware of, do not make anger your reaction.



1In the author’s opinion, if you have had the toxine, the c $hot, what is called a “covid vaccine,” then you are the successive human.  See



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