Saturday, February 19, 2022

Sick of Same Script, yet?


In 1918-1920, the controllers attempted the "asymptomatic carrier" meme to no success.

They perfected media from TV to social media of the 21st century.  Great.  They had programing at their fingertips.  

The PCR was used to inform healthy people that they were sick with HIV so they could get them to take a killer medicine and the Hep B shot that had the lab-made HIV within it.  

Then, they convinced healthy people they were carrying "deadly" pertussis by using the PCR to test for pertussis!  Crazy!  Healthy people were seen as asymptomatic whoopers.  What?  Really?  If someone has whooping cough, believe know it!  At any rate, they have a swab down the throat to identify that bacterium and do not need a non-test called the PCR test!

But, in healthy people, they needed people to think they were sick so they could have a reason for a new TDaP shot and legislation to force those older than twelve to have it.  They saw so much success with that that they got the world to be convinced they were sick with a non-existent natural, contagious virus publicized as covid with that same PCR that is not a test.  

Now, they shall use the PCR once again.  This time; however, many are ill because they allowed lab-made HIV, SARS, MERS, Covid, G-virus, and more to be injected into them.  The PCR is not how it is found; though, so many healthy individuals will be diagnosed HIV positive.  Same ole same ole.  Are you ready to learn about the controllers, yet?

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