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Ideas on US National Status & Life on 3D Earth

Before I start, I want to give you a Paget Anne of Essendon quote.  “Questions are not necessarily attack.”  We need to be able to teach that which we think we know.  Likewise, we need to be able to answer questions related to that which we think we know when asked of us. So what if someone asks from the wrong heart, with the intention of messing us up.  But what if a question causes us to search for an answer and it prevents us from going to jail?  Have we considered the angle which has been asked in the question before?  Can answering this question be understood by ourselves, satisfying our personal criteria, if not theirs? 

In the link below, the topic of US Nationals came up when Mike Gaddy was interviewed.  He is a National.  I’m certain he has not been toxinated as he strikes me as not being under any spells.  He is a searcher of information.  All of this places him on the same side of the divide as me where Genetic-humans are concerned.

The following are my thoughts and included is some back and forth between Mike and me.

When you file an affidavit of citizenship evidence correcting your status from US Citizen to US National, you are not asking anyone for permission to do so.  You are leaving a paper trail to support you (in the face of present-day tyranny), stating that you have not waived any Natural Rights, no matter the unlawful words the opponents to mankind have placed on paper.  The criminals-that-believe-they-be have taken deciding who I am too far and have made it obvious that they need to be stopped by other words on paper, by lightning, by whatever means are available.  The affidavit is a nice start to physical avenues available to us at this time.

Just a thought on the affidavit (which is not a license nor a contract), but a truthful statement.  Our opponent has many strange rules. They do many nasty, unlawful things to us through having used disclosure and other tools. I feel the affidavit works as an extension of disclosure to them.

Changing your status is not the end.  It is simply a step.  For many, it’s the first step.  Searching out how Common Law was dismantled one psychopathic rule at a time and how each license you hold is a contract are perhaps two other steps to take.  This physical reality responds to our personal history, too.  We are energy.  We are a MultiSelf that we either block from our physical awareness completely or experience communications, depending on our general alignment with the Sound of Self. This factor is also a step towards or away from liberation. I hold in consciousness that I can make agents of the government leave me alone.  This is a frequency thing.  All humans need to stand responsibly on their own two feet and do the same, embracing their experiences as they go.

When I have found myself in a precarious or violent situation and seemed as a victim to others, there was always something that those standing in judgement of me and the experiences didn’t know.  Moving on to other people’s experiences, let’s understand that many events that made it to the news were not generated how we have been led to believe.  The 1978 Guyana tragedy was reported in a certain light but seems obviously a mind control experiment with authorities behind it.  This is where the lay person really needs to be aware and listening to prompts from Self.  You think a fellow is on the up-and-up, but don’t realize he is controlled by those who are out to destroy mankind.  The same goes for communes and other events.  We do not know what we do not know about them.  Who can we trust? It is impossible to guess at all the moving parts, but we know we don’t know something.

January 6th was so easy to see as a date that would live on in infamy.  It takes a certain sort to go out there, with their cell phones to broadcast where they are, where it’s beyond obvious to know that hidden cells (mind controlled trouble-makers) and occurrences would meet people of good faith.  Of course, simply having an affidavit on file with the Secretary of State is no defense against the military/science/government/human faction.  In fact, the affidavit might even be used to profile and to target.

Sometime this year, I had a back and forth with Mike Gaddy on Telegram (SFR).  I like Mike.  I feel mankind is made up of individuals with differing opinions and that is what makes us interesting.   At one point, Mike wrote,Believe what you will. That is your prerogative. A recent decision by a federal judge re a Person charged with crimes relating to the Jan 6 debacle in a bail hearing told the person who had filed their bail request based on their ‘status’ stated while denying the motion, ‘I don’t give a damn what your status is, petition is denied.’”  This comment left me sensing the judge’s obvious impartiality from here.  This judge is obviously breaking every law in the book and the woman did not know what to say in order to get the case to the Supreme Court.

I answered, “That is interesting.  Behaving like a national seems necessary.  I personally would make it clear about jurisdiction, bail, pleading…pleading which you don’t do…and walk as someone lawful, not just have a piece of paper.  (How can a moral being, a living soul discuss bail when common law currency is gold and silver?)  How can this kind of ‘person’ get to a bail hearing?  It just goes to show that when things ‘happen to us,’ there is something we don’t know.  It is a good point that you make.  It shows that a moral being needs to internalize just what responsibility and not needing to be parented means. 

Also, one needs to be aware and not take a cell phone into places that may be a trap...and we can see traps in many places.  Sure, the paper doesn't mean we do not have to think and be aware.  Some people do look at it like they can do whatever they want and not be accountable for their decisions.  There is more than simply a paper.”

Another response of mine was, “My position is that Lawful is real.  Illegal is fiction.  Legal is fiction.  Both always have a way out of their fiction because the truth is, they are not really there without the energy and “life” that we give them. Since legal and illegal are both fictions, the Lawful, always being there, may be accessed. It has nothing to do with the opponent to humanity.

It is my position to walk with life, liberty, property (including Rights) in mind when interfacing with all lifestreams. 

It is my position that in this silly little game of wits that is before us that ‘outs’ are there.  Becoming a ‘national’ with an affidavit is just a small step and it is still in the legal fiction game.  There are many roads to travel and if one chooses to look at how I conduct my life as participating, supporting, being an accessary to criminal acts, they may. I discern my actions differently.”

Mike wrote, “There are many in prison today who believe the same. Good luck with your beliefs.”

I answered, “Yes, and they have become our teachers,” even though I don’t know any with my beliefs.

Mike wrote, “I ask again—!!! Is it your belief that acknowledging a criminal act by government by filing  a paper based on that crime makes your action somehow legal as opposed to being an accessory to the crime?

All that rhetoric may satisfy those who write it but I’m seeking an answer to a very simple question.

The government commits a very egregious crime—you file a paper acknowledging the crime as acceptable—and claim you have taken the high ground. Have a great day folks.”

I answered, “First of all, I want to say that if I end up in jail, it means there was something I didn't know. To me, that isn't the right question.  But I do not know how to ask the right question. I can see how a voter participates in fraud. I can see how if you use a stamp to mail a letter, you are participating in the fraud.  The question may be, how do we walk here in the USA in 2022 without doing illegal things. Everything we do in this system is illegal.  Crime.  It is a crime for us to use reserve notes, but we do it.  Your question feels heavy with judgment when all of us would be guilty.

Self-serving entities seek to ‘win,’ no matter if it does harm.  They always give a way out.  I did not make this fiction.  It’s their rules.  Taking any step you can to call them on it and get out is a start to stopping them.”

Mike responded, “Ask the people who were at Waco or Ruby Ridge if status is important? When they rolled up on site at Mount Carmel, did they ask for citizenship status of those inside? Did they check the ‘status’ of Samuel Weaver before they shot him in the back? Did they ascertain the ‘Status’ of Vicky Weaver before they shot her in the face? Did they check status of the people in the Murrah building before they blew it up? Did they check the ‘status’ of those people in the twin towers before they set off their explosives?”

I did not inform Mike that to me, this is the tyranny that has always been here.  They do know about these people and why they wish them dead.  “Legal,” unlawful murders are assassinations, and they are NEVER reported truthfully.  Bad guys, such as Rumsfeld, are presented as good guys and saviors to mankind are presented as troublemakers.  If you become a national, you are consciously stating No!!!  If you are murdered, they are breaking your Free Will more so than with a sleeper.  If you become a national and get out of the system and make it clear that they will enter into a contract with you with certain behavior on their part, they will be in big trouble, even if it’s not seen in this world. 

On the warrior spirit discussed in the link below, all humanity’s puppeteers know who those individuals are and will have human puppets attack them.  For example, I was the sixth-grade student who, when it was my turn to lead, unlike the others, I would pick the kid who was always chosen last somewhere near the beginning-middle of choosing team players. When it came time to do the lineup, unlike all other leaders who placed themselves first, I put myself last, with attempting to line the others up so as a strong hitter could potentially have bases full before his turn.  (This is sock-ball that I am documenting.)  Well, guess who got hit on the head by Mr. Cleary’s fist with what he called, “Nobs,” the most.  Guess who had this teacher growling at her in power-hungry ways for most of the year.  Yes, me.  The one with that trait of true leadership who always catches the eye of what I call a damon.  The opponent to humanity and to mankind does not want to see a true leader in a position of power simply because this person will not corrupt that power as they want.  (And perhaps they don't want them educating prisoners, either.)  I have integrity and am in alignment with the Sound of Self, so I have been in many principal’s offices.  Good folks are seen as “bad guys” to our opponent because we can stop them.  (Again, the affidavit is just one tool for the good guys.)

But you can’t stop them if you only see the lie.  And you can’t get out until you see the lie.


Hear Mike’s excellent interview here. 


Goes to show you that you need to search before you act. https://www.sethkaller.com/item/1622-30022.37-.40-&-30022.41-Hamilton%E2%80%99s-Assumption-Plan,-Passed-as-Four-Acts-of-Congress,-Plus-the-Residence-Act-Quid-pro-quo



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