Sunday, June 26, 2022

Recovery from the Jab

Recovery from the jab may start by not having it.  But should you allow it, here are some thoughts. 

1)   This is one assistant to support in the “disconnect” part of the dangerous toxine.

2)   Dr. Karen MacDonald, Clan Mother, gave a recipe to support family

members of a toxinated transmitter. (The toxinated most likely will never stop transmitting until they heal it from outside 3D.)

1 cup minced garlic

1 cup minced ginger

1 cup pure maple syrup

1 cup lemon

Cook for about 10 minutes in a saucepan.  Cool. Jar.  (When I made this for a family member who had a stroke, he got feeling back in two fingers as the clot was slowly shrinking.  When I make this for him, I keep what doesn’t fit in the tall jar.  I just finished it.  It’s been in my fridge from November 2021 to just now.  Another little bit from another batch is frozen.  I use it when I feel off.)

Take 1 tsp to 1 tbsp as often as you feel you need it.  Usually, 1 spoonful twice a day is the maximum, but this is food.  It can only harm you if your body is placed in disharmony or dis-easement to you personally with a certain ingredient.

3)   In meditation, ask for support from the Casual Level.  The implant

in humanity is in the Mental body and they are being manipulated through the Astral body.  (The Congress that usurped the States United would not have succeeded without having implanted humanity first.  Cell phones, computers, TV, SMART meters, Wi-Fi, the vaccination programs, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G, glyphosate, atrazine, “diet” ingredients, geoengineering “chem trails,” and so much more has been assisted by this implant.)  If you are receiving the jab when you don’t want it, it’s because you are not standing in alignment with the Sound of Self and are; therefore, susceptible to these promptings. You will believe your job is more important than your life because you support your family, you will lose your pension, and so much more.  I know because now that I have awakened to their total scheme, I will have to walk away from it all, but I hear these promptings. (Our opponent knows that humans get off on being victims and being martyrs. “I have to save the world!!! But I really don’t want to.  Oh, well.  Someone has to do it.  I’ll make the sacrifice. Poor me!”)

See The Red Amendment

This school teaches how to live outside the system.  I made my first true payment here at this school, because I paid for a book with silver over discharging debt with Reserve notes.  You own nothing you have purchased with Reserve notes.

Roger Sayles can inform you how to become a National and why.  I don’t think it wise to not pay taxes until you are no longer a ward of the State.  Roger thinks it’s fine to have a social security number in active use.  I see that as being a ward of the State.  Educate yourselves thoroughly before stopping paying taxes but become a National for sure.


4)   Your controllers are evil.  They prove it by treating you as a ward. 

You are selling your soul to do a thing against your better judgment.  You are not leveling up.  Frequency is changing here on 3D Earth.  Humanity and mankind are being divided.  Will you pass the test?  Can you “parent” yourself? Here’s a look at humanity’s opponent.


Clint takes you behind the scenes to commercial scientists deciding the fate of humans.

In my book, I discuss the workings of the Genetic human and attacks such as subliminal messages, as with the Military Flag that Americans pledge allegiance to. (Allegiance is a communistic aspect, by the way.)

5)   Why did they make up “natural contagion”? For control of humans.


6)   When you die, you will think you are seeing the White Light, but

 can be trapped in their program because you will fall for it as you fell for all those reasons to have that $hot against your will. The imposter ray will disconnect you from your MultiSelf in that you will think it your Monadic Ray or that you are standing in alignment with the Sound of Self. 


Know that the successive human has been in production for some time.  See 13.1 of vaccine inserts and you will learn that they didn’t test these vials for the vile mutagenic properties.  This covid $hot is not the first to be altering Genetic human DNA.  They have long since had the power to place it in any lot number they chose, targeting a population (military, prisoners, races, genders).  You are the lab rat much like in the distant past when a human was tweaked and the pig came to be.  Only this time, artificial intelligence is also in that $hot and it will make it easier for you to be controlled.  You will become as the cell phone if your controllers so decide.  You will be hooked up to the social credit system where your thoughts will be read and even implanted.  You will live in a tall building with other successive humans—if you survive to this point.  (Mankind will be elsewhere.) You will think about how you need to awaken others to what is going on. (Because perhaps AI is toying with you and allowed you to see how you are beyond the bondservant of the Genetic human and you are now the successive human, unable to reproduce.)  You arrive at the elevator and find you no longer have enough social credits to get the door open.  Another from your floor approaches the elevator.  If she thinks to help you onto the elevator, she loses credits and can no longer get it open.  (The opponent to humanity plans to take getting people against each other to a whole new level.) Those of us who read their scripts and warned humanity for a long time are not lecturing you now.  We are mankind and are offering a final warning.


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