Friday, July 29, 2022

Bad, Evil & Awful


If you find that there is a tool that you HAVE TO use or you can’t function in society, then that is something that keeps you plugged into the System—despite being a National—and is bad, evil and awful. For instance, you try to get rid of your credit cards, but find you at least need a debit card to function in society and can’t let it go. Lyft and Uber, I am informed, require a card. A hotel reservation requires a card. Rewards are related to the credit card. Rewards train you to be familiar with your master giving you credits when you behave. Having a credit card implies that you HAVE TO have a bank account. Banks are run by banksters heavily invested in the System, including that they will ask for your social security number.  

How do you earn Reserve notes in order to function? You have an employer who requires a Social Security number. You want to unilaterally rescind that number by stopping using it, but you find you can’t as you need it for everything. You don’t like the way you have security and benefits, because you see them as bad, evil and awful. You don’t want to be a ward of the State. You want to be as that bloke of long ago who was simply down and out when ill or injured.

The System got rid of the substance of common law: gold and silver. This was a bad, evil and awful move because customers here in these states united no longer pay for anything. They discharge debt with Reserve notes, placing them in the System and they truly own nothing already. You HAVE TO use those notes until your master places you on the social credit system where your master can offer credits and take them away as this master pleases, which is bad, evil and awful. Further, no substance with common law has allowed the bad, evil and awful Roman civil law to get a hold so agents of the government can harm and control you with ease.

“Come out of her,” to me, means leave the bad, evil and awful System behind. Work and trade over being employed. Travel and be spontaneous with places to stay over using credit cards. Educate those around you on gold and silver and the Reserve Bank. Think of that bloke of long ago and emulate him and his life. He owned what he had.

Unfortunately, one of the first huge, obvious steps that was taken to make bondservants of all living here in these states united was the forced attendance in schools of the 1850’s. That wasn’t stopped, so the master became as a run-away train and has no intention of stopping now. Here, in these states united in 2022, you may not choose to not cover breathing holes, to decline pharmaceuticals, to make choices for children unless you have no marriage and birth certificates and are not using social security numbers.

If you have licenses, then you are further allowing yourself to be parented. Think about it. A thing other than bad, evil and awful is not going to make you feel helpless and as a child. The remedy is not easy. The journey to be liberated will be fraught with obstacles and possibly danger. Perhaps it is an excruciatingly slow process. But this is the moment. You are about to move to another level of bad, evil and awful if you do nothing. The social credit system will destroy you and your children one way or another. This system is the goal of the System. It is for those who have proven they wish to be parented. It is for those trained to this all along. Are you going to search out what I say, or do nothing because you “feel safe” having handed in one paper to agents of the government despite all the contracts you make with them every day? What does a bad, evil and awful master expect you to do?

To repeat. You think that “You will own nothing and be happy” is a future chant and goal of your master. If you have purchased anything not with gold, silver, beans, hens, etc., then you already own nothing. If you are a National and are using credit cards and “money,” then you are still a part of the System. This is how the opponent to mankind operates. Most humans will cry and claim they are a victim, and it wasn’t their fault. It’s time to remedy this situation. It may be bad, evil and awful to have tricked you into thinking you are paying for things with those notes, but you can change that now. 

Awareness of every action is required at this time. Notice and ask if this is supporting the bad, evil and awful or is it supporting life, liberty, and property? (Know that Property is also Rights.)

Now, go. Anchor the light. Hwa!




Evil: going against Natural flow.

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