Saturday, July 30, 2022

Controlled Through Fear

 I do not accept being controlled by the opponent to mankind. I certainly do not invite it from fellows who are not under the spell and supposedly on the side of light.

I especially do not consent to being blocked by the opponent or by someone deleting my comment for fear that I am displeasing the opponent to mankind. If you delete something for fear of what they will do to you, then they have you.  They now got you doing their work for them. Person #2 has decided that this one knows what’s best for me and will parent me as willingly as the agents of the government are attempting to do. This is the social credit system…getting you to monitor me for fear of what they will do. You’ll get rewards from AI for standing against mankind.

Stand back and see how deeply this program has gotten you. Fear is a powerful control mechanism; light is Power.

I do recognize that Person #2 deleted comments from the right heart: trying to be nice. Unfortunately, our opponent thrives on these Astral body tugs (emotions), so we need to be more vigilant.


                              Person #1: You are a good momma!

Person #2: They used soy protein in the mmr, 2001

All the peanut allergies were caused by merck using peanut oil in vaccines , to extend immunity Sept. 1964


Paget Anne Hillebrand to Person #2: yes, there's a whole story on p*anuts. They don't have to say that peanut oil is in a vaccine because it's a food and they don't feel they have to. But I learned in Chinese medical herb class that they switched the crop with cotton and they dump all kinds of pesticides on the C*tton they don't dump the same pesticides on the peanuts but it's really harmful. Those same kids who are getting that harmful pe*nut oil in their vakcines injected into them are also eating candy with that harmful cottonseed oil. It's absolutely crazy what those in control do to americans! (Or what ignorant Americans allow.)

                     Paget Anne Hillebrand I just got warned to remove my comment because it goes against their

                                communistic standards.

                                Person #2: Paget Anne Hillebrand screenshotted best to delete♥️

                                Paget Anne Hillebrand I really don't care. Those under a spell don't listen to me anyway. 😂

                      Person #2: I'll delete mine and it will remove yours

                                 Person #2: Paget Anne Hillebrand agree but you don't want blocked for this.

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I posted this because a friend on FB deleted my comment.Bottom of Form



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I do not like being bullied by FB.

They warned me that I had better delete a comment or else they would punish me.

So here is my comment that they don't want me to share...and by the way, I posted about this information in 2015 often.

P*anut oil is in v*ckzin&s without being on a label because it's a food. It is a crop that is rotated with cotton. Cotton gets pesticides dumped on it like crazy because in our opponent's thinking, cotton is not a food. But two things happen. One, cottonseed oil is in candy which is ingested. Two, the soil is rife with pesticides when pea*uts come along to grow. They are now compromised. This is ingested by kids and injected into kids. It does cause issues, including a pean&t allergy.

So now, you have to not eat peanuts on a plane because that person next to you could experience an anaphylactic shock, yet that same person will have a $hot and will harm him or herself. The true cause will be swept under the rug.

PS. I do not know any non-$hotted up people with pe#nut "allergies."

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