Thursday, August 25, 2022

Hackable Humans


Puppets of the Puppeteers want to decrease the population of humans. That’s why they made people think the world was over-populated. The Puppeteers look at 3D Earth as their playground. They aim to control lifeforms here and get rid of the others. But, Mankind can rise above the deeds related to their Agenda.

Technology to make super-soldiers, whether from “aliens” or the Military/Government/Science/human/non-human faction has been on 3D Earth for a very long time. Young people get kidnapped and worked on…sometimes at school and are returned to their homes every night…sometimes from their beds every night and are returned by morning…sometimes completely and are taken to a location for abuse and programming. Sometimes, TV and other screens, characters in movies and other shows, and advertising are used to program, alongside the vaccination and pharmaceutical “programs.” If the opponent to mankind cannot use you, then you are useless to them. Trolls have been around for centuries to attempt to stop those of higher frequency, lest these ruin the Puppeteers’ Agenda.

In Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied, I made a comment wondering about how many kinds of humans came before the Genetic human. The opponent to mankind has certainly perfected changing us right under our noses. The successive human is one of the next models. It is and will be very robot-like. AI (artificial intelligence, alien intelligence and the awful individuals), through the imposter ray, will control almost completely. The MultiSelf of this person will not be able to communicate as easily with it as the MultiSelf of the Genetic human could. Mankind is us when the MultiSelf may communicate with ease and have us rise above Implants of AI associated with the Military/Government/Science/human/non-human faction. This is as the physical-ish spiritoid prior to Puppeteer tweaking of DNA, but with experience. This is the light-bearer human. This is the other model of human occurring at this time.

If a human lacked the frequency to withstand the onslaught of attack poured on heavily since 2020, they have already become the successive human. They may be assisted from the Casual level, but since they ignored the assistance we have offered, will they be able to reach out to us from a different level? If a human has stood firmly against all the attacks, chances are they are already the light-bearer human, which is mankind. If they are in fear and have managed to fight just enough to not receive the "c*vid" toxine but have willingly covered breathing holes on their faces, they are still a Genetic human, but still may be impulsed through the Implants within their genes and may become a successive human robot. I see no Genetic humans remaining after this current Puppeteer attack/hack on humans. You will become higher frequency and withstand the onslaught (light-bearer human), or you will receive the imposter ray (the ultimate in hacking) and become a human robot.

The Military/Government/Science/human/non-human faction has been in your face for decades revealing their Agenda and technology to you. If you stood by and only saw it as entertainment then perhaps you lack the frequency to keep in touch with your MultiSelf. Perhaps you have been hacked at some level already.

Mankind remembers. Mankind has imagination and knows how to use it. You can stop the Puppeteers through not consenting. You consent every time you experience fear and helplessness because you bought into their perception of you...a level of having been hacked in and of itself.

Connect Pinky-rose Source from within yourself with officials, that person at work you experience trouble with, that in-law where nothing you say is heard, etc. You can use your imagination to establish a Space of Love over whatever past experiences and judgements are trying to dictate. You establish a hack-free zone.

We were always hackable. When we were physical-ish spiritoids and became enticed by what others informed us about—their fun experiment—and used our Free Will to play, those Puppeteers accessed our vowels/DNA and added their Implants. That’s why when someone speaks of God, I listen closely to see if it’s Source or the Puppeteers to whom they are referring in this instance. Source supports; Puppeteers hack.

Since the late 1700’s, vaccines made it easier to hack into and alter the Genetic human. Propaganda that is accepted by the physical brain is an example of how easy it is to hack a human. Mankind has always been here, thoughthat Genetic human who was different, who was very much over-riding Implants and able to hear promptings from the soul. Samuel Thomson was one. You can be another.

Again, we do not have to actively delete the Puppeteers and their puppets (officials). We may use our imaginations…we can continue a relationship with our MultiSelf. They simply would not be in our experience anymore. Free Will needs to be metered out responsibly. If you’re being hacked, you gave permission or entered into a contract with them. Re-visit permission and contacts, vaccine and drug choices, atrazine and glyphosate uses, and so much more.

Now, go. Anchor the light. Hwa! Ur thots?

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