Monday, November 14, 2022

Night Terrors & Nightmares


Night terrors, in my opinion, are attack. Attack comes from frequency, entities and weapons of entities such as an automotive gray or an Incubus. (Think of something such as a spaceship that can be as a suit that is slipped on, and the controller can experience the crime of energy harvesting first-hand, yet the attacker is safe far away!) Nightmares are unfinished business from our past that has not been integrated. Nightmares may be from this point of focus or a “past life.”

Night terrors may leave markings on your body because something really was present holding you down. With a frequency attack involved, your head may feel microwaved. Most notably, increased heart rate, sweat and an inability to move are usually present. The military/science/government/human/non-human faction or damon time travelers are often involved with night terrors for their individual agendas.

With nightmares, you may be working through past perceived hurts too quickly or not at all and in both situations, your Causal body (soul) is there to pull you out or safely rattle you because you ignored the umpteen symbols/signals throughout the day and there is work to be done. Before this point of focus (lifetime), you would have permitted certain future experiences for whatever reasons and your Causal body would have accepted responsibilities in that part of the agreement. Frequency attack, an entity showing up to attack, a non-viable controlled automaton there to attack, or a combination of these attackers may show up and bring you from your work with the nightmare. But usually, they are unrelated, except to say that in the big picture, it is all related since all goes back to the One.

The same measures may be used in both instances. Signs posted at the doors of your home and inside up on shelves with detailed messages about trespassing, and the contract they will enter in with you if they trespass should be clear. Pinky-rose coming from you to the attacker from Source should be established. (When I have followed a Thought-form attacker or some other thing that was a tool of attack, I go to one who originated from Source, as I did. Those from Source have Pinky-rose, no matter how buried and forgotten. They don’t like the command that your experience of them is to be from Pinky-rose love. The Harmonizing Pyramid (now called the Multicolored Pyramid) works as defense and healing. It may be conjured up with your mind, but the real tool is nice to have around. Violet Cubes of Light may transmute your fears or the attack coming at you. When temporarily paralyzed, your mind is your best weapon if you can get to a thought before they seemingly disconnect you. The defenses mentioned here work really well. As far as nightmares go, I have revisited a very real attack from the past and rewritten it with the help of Pinky-rose and the Cubes.

Night terrors and nightmares are opportunities to claim information about your personal experience here and the big picture of what is occurring here, and your part in it. If something has the “upper hand” over you, you have the opportunity to claim and then hold your Center.

Standing in alignment with the Sound of Self is the goal. When you are in communication with your Causal level, you are above Astral body tugs of fear and the promptings of the implant in the Mental body.

Péveameohtse! (Peh vey yum may oats): Go in a good way

Now, go. Anchor the light. Hwa!


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