Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Natural Rights Are Law


Natural Rights are Law. Natural Rights are also what we call Duty. For example, I have the Right to not have you trespass on me and you have the Right to not have me trespass on you. (So I have the Duty to not trespass on you; or I have the Right to not trespass on you.)

A Natural Right also is the Right to locomotion. If me travelling over there does not trespass on you, I may move over there and if I want, I may move back, provided I don’t trespass.

Be careful with the idea of trespass. When you willingly participate in certain activities, you ARE giving permission to be trespassed on and since you have the Right to choose that, it is Law now for you to be trespassed on.

How to not get trespassed on:

·       Marry for love and without the State. You have the Right to enter into an Agreement with the man or woman you love. You have the Right to have witnesses write their names on the paper that states the design of your Agreement to the one you love. The State may not have sons and daughters from this union.

·       Make certain to have your babies away from hospitals, but should something occur and you end up there, be certain you already left paperwork ahead of time stating No Hep B or any $hots. No goup in the eyes for STDs. No synthetic Vitamin K $hot at birth. No PKU blood draw. (As I say in my book Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied, they can use the PCR to spin to make more so they can sell your baby’s blood to nefarious entities. They also may perform a “voodoo” sort of mind control to tap into and to control that baby, potentially for the son or daughter’s whole life!

·       Do not register the births with the State. CPS is unLawful to start with, but the State cannot steal/take what doesn’t belong to it. If this baby has no registered birth on file and his or her mom and dad have no marriage certificate on file with the State, then they cannot Lawfully trespass, because no permission has been given.

Now, it’s your choice what you want to do related to public or private school. Personally, I recommend reading And the Children Played by Patricia Joudry

And to look into schools such as Sudbury. Since the 1850s in this Nation State known as the USA, the idea of schools has been for indoctrination into the State. Since 2016, public school has been the most harmful I have witnessed. Schools work with tyrants of the “government” to support insanity, lack of alignment with the Sound of Self, and dehumanization tactics. In public school, the State will trespass if the mom and dad are not vigilant. It will start by coercing va(cines to be injected, but will end by turning your son or daughter into a parrot for whatever the State wants them to say. My daughter attended two schools where I worked. I had to supplement her education and do a lot of unravelling of the harm that was done there. I highly recommend rethinking allowing the State in the door! 

Get land. Make an abundant food forest. Learn about solar generators for no Public electricity. Learn about Waterless toilets or Outhouses. Learn learn learn!

Here is a good Kirk video that shows the arrogance of the State and some ideas on what you may do about that pesky little trespasser!.




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