Friday, March 26, 2010

Health Coercion Reform

"How often the attendants of a case have stated that they knew perfectly well that the patient could not get well in such air, in such a room, or under such circumstances, yet have gone on dosing him with medicine, and making no effort to remove the poison from him, or him from the poison which they knew was killing him"
Florence Nightingale's Notes on Nursing, p. 126

According to the news, this Health Care Reform mandate only needs Obama’s signature, and then you, I, and every person residing in America will be required to carry medical insurance. Use a search engine and search “Health Care Reform.” Guess what was already being advertised on the same page as the results. The hungry, salivating dogs anxiously waiting to get you- their fresh meat- served up to order thanks to Obama’s persuasive tongue. Yes, the ads for insurance have already started, because after his John Hancock touches the page, you will be fined if you do not have it.

The law seems not to consider that some people might not wish to have health insurance because of their spiritual beliefs. Many people are likely to find that they will be unable to pay their rent and provide food for their family as they meet the requirement to fork over their hard-earned cash to an insurance company. The federal government has decided to define freedom by passing another law that forces you to pay money to profit a business. How can the freedom myth be continued if Congress keeps passing measures that deny you of your freedom?

Do you know that Congress has already passed a bill that was signed into law that forces you to commit torture on your children if the minors have been diagnosed with cancer? The torture is in the form of The Big Profitable Three: chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. If you’re a person who would freely choose these modalities for yourself or for your children, then that’s a different subject entirely. I’m speaking about a parents’ right to choose a toxic-free solution, which currently does not exist because a toxic-free solution is against the law. I refer to The Big Profitable Three as torture, because I remember a friend burning inside with the chemotherapy and radiation treatments. As a practitioner, I know how dangerous it can be to pour toxins into an already toxic body, yet alone ask the body to release toxins AND to simultaneously deal with the new harmful ones. For this reason, people who are committed to being drug-free while they detox for the duration of their treatment, no matter what the diagnosis, are better off.

The Big Profitable Three law isn’t in place for your children only. No-one is supposed to be treated for cancer in any other way than The Big Profitable Three if they reside in America. California made it a state law too, just for good measure. Doesn’t this make you mad? Is it okay with you that big government can bully you all the way to the doctor’s office and away from other health care practitioners? Now on top of that, Congress can bully you to buy health care insurance and thereby force your medical records to be the property of the insurance companies.

In front of me I have a “Notice of Privacy Practices” from a top insurance company. It egotistically states, “We have the right to use and disclose health information for your treatment, to pay for your health care and to operate our business.” It goes on to say that they may disclose health information for payment purposes like “we may tell a doctor whether you are eligible for coverage and what percentage of the bill may be covered.” They feel they have a right to disclose information about you for research purposes and to their business associates, which is soon to be the government since they are helping insurance companies get business, and are therefore associating themselves with insurance companies. Strangers in a business I don’t respect pouring over my private business makes me feel as violated as those new airport X-ray machines do. When will it end?

The other problem with being forced to hold health care insurance is that insurance companies are in the habit of saying no. Have you noticed that? So, now by law, you have to pay to hear no, or be fined. Many years ago before I became pregnant, I called my insurance company with a lot of questions regarding home water birth, visits to the midwife, etc. The representative informed me that all those things I wanted were absolutely not covered under my insurance policy, which was a PPO, by the way. I was left with two tough choices: pay out-of-pocket with funds I didn’t have, or sacrifice the birth I wanted for myself and for my baby and go to a hospital where the birth would become a medically managed event. But, hey, it would be covered. I chose the former. Years later, I discovered I had been misinformed by the insurance company. I started a battle with them, trying to get reimbursed for the home water birth I had. The insurance representative said that it had been over a year, so I couldn’t file a grievance. No again. I said it hadn’t been a year since I found out they had lied to me, and I filed my grievance, and eventually won. The out-of-pocket cost of my daughter’s birth was reimbursed to me. If all my money and trust had been placed in my insurance company, I would have allowed them to take away my dream of a loving birth. These are the crooks that the government wants it to be illegal for you to avoid. Am I the only one who finds this aspect a psychopathic law?

Congress also is asking you to pay for insurance when the company may not reimburse you for the kind of treatment you wish to seek. Try getting reimbursed for a tuning fork treatment, even if you never touch another cigarette after just one treatment. I can think of many alternative health care procedures that are not reimbursed by insurance. If these modalities are all you seek, it is unfair to have to pay for insurance that will be of no use to you.

Perhaps the government is trying to steer you away from the techniques that balance because sick people are better for the economy. I urge everyone to research what the new Health Care Reform really means for them and their loved ones.

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