Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vivaxis Exercise #1

This afternoon, I finally bought some carbon in the form of charcoal in order to do Exercise #1 from the book The Vivaxis Connection. The goal of this exercise is to fix the damage from X-rays on the carbon in your bones from the past. As the author of the book, Judy Jacka says, "The purpose of this exercise is to remove the negative effects of X-rays regardless of how long ago you received them. The exercise realigns the carbon atoms of the affected bones in the correct orientation to true north and south via your Vivaxis" (213).

So, I spiritually called in my Healing Team and I invoked the elements Carbon and Calcium, and got to work. This "treatment" immediately felt as an acupuncture treatment does, or a meditation. I felt light and was intrigued by the different energies or personalities of the two elements. I felt activity above my head.

Then there was the pain here and there that took me by surprise. Part of the process is to hit areas of the body. I used a lentil filled stocking that basically was the size of a fist. Many places did not hurt at all. Some felt good being awakened with the hitting. It was neat to contemplate what had occured in the few areas of pain and have it dawn on me that I had, indeed, been X-rayed there. My mother, who was next, noticed similar pain in different places for her.

After, I felt a little different, but am not certain of effects, yet. My mom reported feeling light-headed with weak and tired legs, and is looking forward to seeing how it will all settle.

I will keep you posted about exercise #2. We will be removing foreign fields from ourselves the Vivaxis way!

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