Monday, March 22, 2010

Uncompassionate UnHealth UnCare

All this talk about Health Care Reform and what's best for the citizens of this country got me thinking about other countries and how they handle health care.

Then my 103 yr. 7 mth. old grandmother, in Australia, suffered from gastro-enteritis last weekend. The hospital, and possibly hospitals here as well, have a rule: if a person is in an old folks home and need to go to a hospital, a doctor from the hospital has to come out, diagnosis the person, and then either admit them into the hospital, or not.

By Monday, the hospital had still sent no-one. My grandmother vomited and inhaled some vomit.

Tuesday, Perhaps they figured she would surely die, so why bother. Perhaps, like when she was 102 yrs. old and had double pnemonia, they had no beds in the hospital to spare.

Thursday at 2:45 P.M., a doctor showed up and gave her oxygen. He wrote a morphine perscription for my aunt to go fill. While she was gone, my grandmother slipped away. Thank goodness she knew better than to die on morphine.

In a few days, she will be lowered into the ground after walking above it since 1906.

All I can do is sigh and wonder at any county's health care.

Just cleanse, clear, and create health. Then when you are old, go under a tree. Breath your last breath and go. Don't let a doctor get to be the one to decide if they will help you to live or not.

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