Friday, September 25, 2015

Dark Star Kids

A teacher proposed to me that some children are born under a dark star. She was referring to the kids with bizarre, disruptive behavior.  For those kinds of kids, I see the dark star simply as unhealthy exposures. These exposures maybe all the toxins in the vaccines, fluoride in the drinking water, chlorine in the bath/shower water, man-made non-foods in foods and beverages, pollutants and biowarfare in the air, and electromagnetic over-stimulation at home and at school. That is probably just a small part of the things to which kids are exposed that is contributing to their bizarre behavior.  The altered eating habits which occurred in recent times such as less fermented foods in the diet (and not eating seasonal foods) would be adversely effecting all kids, but I'm sure, too, no matter how small, it is effecting this portion of the dark star kids as well.

The other group of kids I see, in what this teacher coins the kids under a dark star, are the kids who are psychopathic and (as I can see/sense) they have an evil being within them. Though I'm certain rectifying all of the above would be beneficial to this group as well, they need further assistance. Not only does the intruder within or around the kid need to be removed,  an internal protection needs to be established. If the person's spirit is the being that is hurtful itself, then due to Free Will, no change may be made unless it falls under their personal request.  Due to the possibility for violence--even from a five-year-old--awareness on everyone's part, though, is important when dealing with the kid under this kind of dark star.

One thing that may help both kinds of kids is parents giving them a special moment some mornings.  If a parent were to lie down with the child before the child rises and have a chat, perhaps part of the child’s bizarre or dark behavior might be lost in a little euphoria.  Light discussions about the child’s dreams, quality of sleep, and about the day to come might help to reset the old program.  This very small gesture to connect with the child may send him or her off to their day feeling more secure within themselves.  With a little awareness, we--parents and teachers alike--can allow and anchor Light around the kids who have come under the influence of a dark star.


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