Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Religious Freedom Threatened

Many don’t realize that the first book published in what became America was a Bible and it happened in the 1600’s.  This Bible was printed in an Eastern Native language.   Now, I suppose it is not surprising that religious freedom would be threatened in the US in 2015 when natives even as far back as the 1600’s felt inclined to throw away their centuries-old religions for the religions that the Bible represents, but it does surprise some people.  H. R. 2232 is one of those surprises.

H.R. 2232 is a bill that was presented to the House of Representatives on May1, 2015—one month before Governor Brown signed SB 277 into law in California.  The goal of H.R. 2232 is to amend the Public Health Service Act, which means that it’ll remove religious and personal exemptions to vaccines in ALL states ( The group that this bill will permit to have medical say of children over parents is the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, a group within the CDC.  The CDC has proven time again that they are a corrupt, unethical body, yet this bill will allow them to have the last word on your children’s health.  The CDC has firmly proven the lengths they will go to to cover up research data that doesn’t fit their model of vaccine safety (  Do you really want the CDC deciding dosage and types of vaccines that your child is to be forced to receive? 

Average citizens of the world think the US federal government only deals in interstate commerce, so they are shocked that the federal government thinks it can have power over each state’s ideas on medical procedures. The federal government has forced medical treatments onto the American population before, but it went unnoticed.  Surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation are the only legal treatments for cancer allowed by US federal law.  That means if an acupuncturist or a homeopath can treat someone and make the cancer go away and establish a toixic-free environment for the person, they can’t advertise this information, nor publish articles on their success rates, nor can these healers admit what they’re doing on any level.  Healing cancer in other ways other than surgically doing repair work or chemically harming a person’s system is illegal.  Further, a child under eighteen has no say.  He or she gets surgical repair work and chemicals thrust into their body against their will, because it’s the law.  In Nazi Germany forced medical treatments was legislation as well.  For some reason we can frown on that, but not on current and proposed American legislation.  If H.R. 2232 passes, it will override any state’s laws related to religious and personal exemptions (  Even if the hundreds of thousands of California citizens that signed the SB 277 Referendum to stop mandated vaccinations succeeds, this federal law will force even worse rates of mandated vaccinations, because it will include ALL public school students.

Cancer treatments equal big bucks for certain pharmaceutical companies.  Vaccines are no different.  H.R. 2232 will force all children who attend any kind of public school to be vaccinated with the kinds of vaccines and dosages decided upon by the Advisory Committee.  More vaccines given will mean more profit for these companies, but financial incentive is the driving force behind H.R. 2232 in another way.  Under H.R. 2232, federal funds are to be withheld unless certain groups prove a fully vaccinated population.  More than 136 million in government funding will be threatened to stop if students are not vaccinated.   Kids have always just been numbers to officials.  Each child’s school gets paid each day a child is in school.  H. R. 2232 is along those same lines where a child will correspond to a dollar amount and the health of that child has nothing to do with H. R. 2232. 

.  This bill allows for medical exemptions (  Doctors who sign exemptions are already frowned upon.  It’ll be hard to find a doctor willing to sign a medical exemption once and yet, under this law, parents will have to get a new medical exemption signed EVERY year.  That’s a lot of money just thrown away each year. 

What about personal and religious beliefs exemptions?  Well, Congress is not supposed to make any law that interferes with the exercise of religions.  If you don’t think it’s a big deal that the government can force poisons into your child, what about the government’s desire to strip you of your religious freedom (   It doesn’t matter if your religion forbids certain medical procedures.  It doesn’t matter if your religion forbids supporting the business of abortion.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a vegan and don’t wish your kid to be injected with animal and human products.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve had three vaccine injured children and have decided not to vaccinate the fourth.  It doesn’t matter if your child has died and now you don’t want to vaccinate the one who lives.  Your thoughts don’t matter.  Your children don’t matter.

What can you do?  Call your congresswoman or man and tell them that H.R. 2232 is a violation of your Constitutional right to decide on medical procedures for yourselves.  To see some letters that have already been written, please click on this link: Inform friends and family what evil is afoot.  Let’s kill this bill (! Wilson, the puppet used in this case to put forth this legislation, does have a connection to the pharmaceutical industry (  Call Wilson’s office (202) 225-4506 and tell her what you think.

It is not conspiracy theory when I say that cancers and diseases HAVE BEEN injected into people unbeknownst to them (  Do you trust legislation demanding vaccines that have always had a suspect past?  For more information on H. R. 2232, please see: ( and For more information about The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), please see: ( and 




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