Friday, September 11, 2015

The Allowance of the New World Order

Energy is interesting.  For instance, if someone was a professional thief in a past life, or earlier in this one, and holds stuck energy such as guilt and the vibrations associated with it, then chances are that same energy will be attracting something to that person that matches the vibrations held within.  This process shows us what we think of ourselves deeper than subconsciously, along with opportunities to heal, to integrate stuck energies.  Yes, there could be a thousand other reasons why someone gets swindled, killed, robbed, and treated poorly in a variety of ways, but energy attraction is one—a very powerful one, for it is, in my opinion, holding the establishment of the New World Order in place.

Energy attraction—a like attracted to like situation if you will—is holding the elite here to bully us.  The elite have used us as mere chess pieces in a game that we didn’t even know we were playing for years.  Our collective energy is putting out the vibration that says it’s okay to enslave people, to have power over people, and to withhold nutrition and true emergency treatments from people.  Look at us.  We can’t even allow another car into our lane when we’re stuck at a red light up ahead and we honk impatiently if someone has the nerve to let someone in, even though we can’t get too far.  A teenaged boy walks past an older woman struggling to step up onto the curb.  A person barges into a room allowing the door to slam on the person behind whose hands are full.  I look at people interacting with each other every day and wonder if we deserve to have someone like Superman rescue us from the elite.  Nope.  We should do it ourselves.  That way, third/fourth dimensional Earth can remain sweet and blissful (after we fix it),because collectively all of us made it so.  Individuals establishing the floor plan for a harmonious tomorrow will last.  The elite will become compassionate like us, or they will leave.  Our new energy will not hold a place for them.

When we can “let be,” which is more than allowing for it involves true acceptance, perhaps we will have shifted the energy that attracts the New World Order personalities enough that they will let us be.  Our compassion will far exceed human to human relationships, because instead of killing roaches, spiders, and the like we will respect all life and not think we’re better than anything just because we can squish it effortlessly.  It’s up to us.

We’ve been missing the point for years.  We miss the point every time we think our profession, skin color, culture, nationality, education level, life experience, gender, age, and species makes us better than another.  We could stop looking at ourselves as if we’re involved in a hierarchy and eventually the elite will no longer be held in our experience.  Ya hoo!  We are the ones who can have compassion for a dying bee, a starving stray dog, a medically injured child, a surgically maimed woman, a depressed father, a drunken teacher, a hormone-abusing tennis player, a low self-esteem employee, a runaway teen, an endangered species, a poisoned crop…..

We are the ones who can energetically remove permission for the allowance of the New World Order.
Alex Jones makes me laugh.  I am not like him in my approach, yet I have never hidden my views on controversial topics.  I speak to the elite a lot like him.  (It's just, I'm yelling at a television set.  I'm not face to face with the elite holding a megaphone.)  If you'd like a history lesson, please give Alex 2 hours of your time.  Part of not allowing, for now, can be realizing what's going on.

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