Monday, October 14, 2019

Harbor City, California's cell towers and 5G Antennas

A neighbor and I just drove around Harbor City documenting how dangerous the 4G & 5G towers and antennas are. At least during the daytime, the cell tower that is on the corner of 255th and President is off. Those of you who have children attending Harbor City Elementary might be happy to know that. It seems that at least during the day, it is off.
Those who live and work near Senator and Lomita will be happy to know that that 5G antenna is also off. At least during the daytime.
Unfortunately, a really dangerous cell tower is at 254th and Frampton. It is trying to be disguised as a palm tree. There is another tree cell tower over by President Avenue Elementary I think it was 241st Street at the bottom of the school. It is very deadly. It's reading was off-the-charts just like the one on 254th Street.
The cell tower on 252nd and Belle Porte is on and it's pretty strong. As is the 5G antenna on President Avenue close to Lomita, as well as the 5G antenna near Kaiser on PCH.
Some neighbors were very interested in what we were revealing.

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