Saturday, October 12, 2019

Reply to a Reply: 4G/5G

I received the same package from the planning commission yesterday that I received on September 30...So did the small group of us who attended the hearing in February to stop the construction of a cell tower to be built on two nearby streets.
I replied with this letter to be sent with a two cent stamp through the General Post-office, not the USPS. I do this to prove that just because an area is within LA City's jurisdiction, does not mean that territory is solely owned. There exist two worlds in every state of the fifty states.

[Paget Hill©]
c/o #### Any Street,
Any City, CA [RFD 90710]

12 October 2019

[L. A. City Planning Commission Staff]
Department of City Planning
c/o 200 N. Spring Street, Room 272
Los Angeles, CA [RFD 90012]

Dear [L. A. City Planning Commission Staff],

Thank-you for the second letter dated September 30. The bottom line is that with all the 4G towers and 5G antennas that I see erected under your orders, you are complicit in a crime. For example, you are giving John (and other business owners) permission to abuse his (and their) employees. He will earn almost $5,000/month in coercion money from the cell company, so he is consciously allowing harm to himself. But informed consent has not been given to his employees. Even if it has been given, there is California legislation in place to protect employees from abusive actions on the work site and international legislation in place to protect individuals—including John’s neighbors—from military attacks or any abusive attack.

If you are hiding behind the federal words on paper, Section 704—which in and of itself is supporting the bullying legislators of ‘96—as seeming protection for your actions, then you are admitting that you are not permitted to investigate these military weapons and the harm that can be done to the population. You and business owners such as John are energetically putting out that it is acceptable to spy on, to manipulate, and to destroy masses of life within what is called L. A. City. In doing that, you are putting out the vibration that it is acceptable. It is a risky thing to do on 3D Earth if you are unable to connect with your innocence, which I hold in consciousness you are able to do. It is time humans express energetic vibrations of love, acceptance, and caring. Then this may rebound and be experienced instead of the spying, manipulating, and destroying. It starts with you and me. I will face my Maker knowing I supported humanity and others. I have not broken Universal/Natural Law. How about you?

Harbor City residents who see what you are doing throughout what you think is your jurisdiction alone are asking you to stop. The District of Columbia, with words on paper, may have seemingly given you permission to do as you like, but the judicial district and liberated living men, birds, bees, and other lifestreams all have a voice, as well. Please do not be a part of our demise. Do what you can to stop having 4G towers and 5G antennas being put up.  Thank you so much.

Bright Day Thoughts,

[Paget Hill©]
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