Sunday, October 13, 2019

Herd Awakening

Fifth Generation will harm the 7% of humans who are willing to awaken from the slave system and to do something about it, along with the masses, the pharmed sheople, the at least 60% who are not willing to turn off their TV programs, wear last year's fashions, or engage in anything but shallow conversation.  This is unacceptable, foreign warfare occurring by governments on what they perceive as their jurisdictions.

Some fear that 7% is not enough people to stop 5G and there is nothing to be done.  Please remember that you are Light and may create your reality consciously if you know how to use it.  We can experience the Light side of others, namely, out attackers.  We may also speak our truth over and over without fear of ridicule.  (After all, it is only the programmed who ridicule and we are attempting to give them a new program, "You are a liberated, living man!")  Basically, we only need a small percentage of humans to awaken to the reality that they are under attack by their own governments with geoengineering, 5G, and vaccines, to name just a few of their attacks.

But having said that, it's the governments that we need to guide into stopping theses attacks through simply threatening to make their system, yes one system, crumble.  They won't want the pharmed sheople to realize there are two post offices, for example, because they might awaken to the reality that there are multiple everythings.  The thing is, the criminals-that-believe-they-be trust their programming.  They know that at least 60% of the pharmed sheople will continue denying their Light and seek pharmaceuticals and revel in victim consciousness as their health declines and as they reach for their phones.

A small percentage, say 7%, may put the SMART military weapons down, meaning phones, LED lighting, meters, and cars, but if that small percentage can hold the right card to make the governments bow-out of the part of their Agenda that involves 5G, the masses in general will still feed into the system, continue to be compliant slaves, and so the governments may still have their cake and eat it too.  But we get a little something in return for being able to live alongside their attacks of the masses without 5G turning us to dust.

The more you know, the more you realize you don't know.  Please learn about the court system and how to be a living man, along with being certain to have vocabulary defined for you every step of the way.  Do not assume your definition of a word is the same as the authority figure before you may be defining it.  For example when you hear, "To plus too equals, for, right?" you cannot say yes to that drivel or you appear unstable or ignorant.

Now go.  Anchor the Light.  Hwa!

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