Tuesday, March 2, 2021

One Moon


I have read that planets with one moon are imbalanced, because there’s only one pull and draw on the planet.  Lopsided tugging may lead to problems emotionally and mentally of the inhabitants.

Multiple moons supposedly are better for all concerned as is no moon.

Well, what if originally, there was no moon here?  Inhabitants were balanced and supported to continue to be so.  They used Earth’s canvas and set up rivers, designs, and buildings of mud and brick. The humans, most likely not the Genetic humans we are now, accessed Power and created, living with liberation.  Energy was here and those humans knew how to get it cost-free.

Then, puppeteers wanted different.  What if something did occur as Starr mentions in her book, We Are the Nibiruans?  An object that they used to damage something ended up as Earth’s moon.  What if that’s why there is only one moon?  Now, they set the stage for imbalance and had the canvas they wanted from Earth.

Next, they tweaked the current human (as commercialized scientists tweak natural viruses, turning them to weapons to inject into people, today).

The moon tugs on these Genetic humans.  And so it goes.

What if…?

Can we get out of the imbalance even with just one moon?

Or is the secret to balance destroying the moon, or bringing another here?

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