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You Can ‘Opt-out’ of Terrorism


Were you aware that you can opt-out of terrorism?  Specifically, the quarantine itself.  You can opt-out of being held a prisoner in your home or a hotel because locking you into quarantine is an experiment and they cannot force you to comply.

Raymond Obomsawin, M. Sc., PhD experienced this firsthand (See link He had flown into New York from having travelled in two states that his governor had decided to blacklist.  (Raymond guesses so that when he ran for governor in the future, he could claim he saved lives.)  At home, a female nurse had called to inform him that he needed to quarantine himself.  He schooled her with a bit of information that will follow here, and she finally informed him that he could opt out. Those who have lost income due to a quarantine, after discovery of this fraudulent “pandemic,” could decide to sue, so there is an opt out clause. Raymond asked the nurse, “How many other people have opted out besides me?”  She answered, “Zero. You are the first one.”  Why?  Because TV’s do not inform us of our rights.  They are only there to program us.

This brilliant man said, during the RBN radio show, “Health is not an accident and disease is not an accident. As human beings, we always want to blame someone else or something else for what happens to us.”  This is why the commercial scientists created the idea of Germ Theory, which Antoine Bechamp proved incorrect before his death in 1908.  (Yes, the thief Pasteur stole Bechamp’s idea but without understanding and prematurely; therefore, he so-called, came up with Germ Theory even though bechamp said there were no microbes.)

I call the so-called pandemic “Wag the Dog Psy-op 2020” because in the movie, Wag the Dog, a country is invented, a war was placed in that “country,” and an American hero was set up being in that “country.” It was all brought to life through the TV and a movie producer’s talent in order to make it dramatic and believable.  (And I will add that the graphic of the cov*d is simply a tool used to program and incite fear.  The maker of this water mine-looking work of art knows the truth of his or her creation, so I wonder if that person is even still alive.  Or was it AI that generated it? And how many decades ago?)

No virus floating around in the air has been isolated.  That means somebody made a graphic design of what you see as c*vid and it resembles a water mine. Since 1918 has been brought up a lot in comparison with now by those pressing a narrative about the importance of masks and a deadly virus, let’s review what Raymond said on the RBN radio show.

Raymond mentioned the experiments that were done jointly between the US navy and the US public health service back in 1918. In Boston and San Francisco with the same numbers of men, they took young, healthy recruits with no history of disease. The testers sprayed and swabbed matter from sick patients with the flu into the noses, throats, and eyes of the volunteers.  None got sick.  Next, they tried injecting blood from the patients into the recruits. No-one got sick. Each volunteer was then exposed to ten patients. The volunteers shook hands and spoke at close range with each ill patient, encouraging them to cough on them.  None got sick.

In 1918, the doctors and scientists were puzzled.  Scientists said that they approached the experiment with the idea that they knew the cause and transmission of flu for sure. Now, they learned they did not know what the cause was. (In my opinion, that meant they ignored Antoine Bechamp’s work…very significant.  Please read Bechamp or Pasteur: A Lost Chapter in History of Biology by Douglas Hume.  I also know of similar testing done with horses that failed to show transmission.  Interesting that medical schools do not teach this information.  A long time ago, I attended Traditional Chinese Medical school, acupuncture and herbal medicine.  During Western Medicine classes, such as pharmacology and pathophysiology, I tried to discuss these ideas about the transmission of dis-ease and they refused to listen.)  My point is that doctors who were not even impartial in their thinking still could not make the results prove their theory of transmission! 

With the 1918 scenario, Raymond found people were dying from pneumonia, not the flu.  Pneumonia is multi-layered.  (Let me tell you that in Australia, my 102-year-old grandmother was not allowed to go to hospital when she had double pneumonia.  She was considered old, and they didn’t want the elderly taking a bed.  She survived! She rested and took antibiotics.  No doctor could kill her with their hospital treatments.  Western Medicine has murdered millions of people through the decades.  Look it up.  That is something the news will not tell you.)  Today, people could be dying from bacterial and mold lung problems caused by wearing masks for a year.  They will be classified as having “caught” the c*vid, even though proof of transmission is lacking.

I personally have not feared ill people.  Others around me were terrified and I socialized as usual.  Sick people need to stay home for themselves, not in order to prevent the spread of something.  But see, those in charge want you in fear and believing in microbes as the enemy.  They cannot have you as a customer if you know the truth.  They cannot make you a slave to their nonsense protocols if you know the truth.

Many scientists have voiced concern over no viruses having been isolated and claims that v*ccines have saved populations from these viruses anyway.  Raymond says that when the narrative claims to have conquered polio, smallpox, and other infectious diseases, it is blatant lies.  Research exists which shows, for example, that the vacc*ne for smallpox increased the problem the world over.  In 1928, Perry, a doctor, wrote that smallpox is likely to be more fatal in the person who was vaccin*ted against it than someone who was not. Cleanliness and other factors always played a role.

Raymond recommends Dr Mendlesohn’s book Confessions of a Medical Heretic. He apparently discusses what I have found myself that Western Medicine is a religion.  I actually call it a subliminal message in my book, Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied, because people see anything to do with Western Medicine, such as drugs or a doctor in a white coat and think of it automatically as a God that will fix all woes and do no harm, and especially, without requesting lifestyle changes.  The message is instant.  Raymond says that modern medicine is “off base” with chronic illnesses and infectious diseases, that Western Medicine thinks it can go in with its weaponry and destroy the problem.  They end up destroying the human constitution. The body knows how to protect itself.  Bacteria, for example, is there to help the body, not to make it worse.

Here is something for you to research.  Raymond says, “Va*cines are not scientific.  They are predicated on superstition.”  Science has not proven, for example, that this so-called v*rus (c*vid) causes that disease and yet, they have a shot for you.  Again, please research for yourself.  Both Raymond and I agree that the higher number of v*ccines that are mandated for a certain age group in any country, that that country has a higher number of deaths in that age group. When numbers of v*ccines increase, death rates increase.  In 1987, I researched vaccines and learned so much about the difference between an engineered virus and a “virus” that I knew I would never have vac*ines myself.  Pharmaceutical companies sponsor TV shows and news.  You HAVE to research.  No-one will “spoon feed” you information.  My adult child never needed vacc*nes or Western Medicine doctors.  Unvaccinated children, when ill, look completely different compared to the v*ccinated kids when they are sick. 

In California, one restaurant closed for only the two start-up weeks of the Wag the Dog Psy-op in March 2020.  They opened against California’s restrictions, making the establishment a control for the so-called pandemic.  They did not allow people to wear masks, nor to physically distance themselves.  (You may think each person should be able to wear a mask if they want, but this type of person who believes the narrative would sue if they got sick.)  Sickness was not happening.  This owner removed the financial stress that many others suffered.  Stress may lead to illness.  To date, no v*rus has been isolated.  No pathogen in the air that they name c*vid has been isolated.  Propaganda has led the reactionaries toward non-stop fear.  I know one elderly lady who traveled to different states six times, shopped without a mask, and met with friends monthly.  She is not sick.  In fact, many of her friends the same age who would only see her through a window for their visits look drawn and sickly.  She has sparkling eyes and is obviously very capable of completing any task. So as Raymond asks, “What’s the real story here?”

Raymond says that if the CDC had used the same standards of criteria for reporting that they’ve been using for decades for so-called infectious diseases and applied the same “rulebook” to cov*d, we would have seen 1600% less mortality rate from so-called cov*d. What we are seeing is because of their new reporting system.  I would add that the CDC gave permission for doctors to write that a diagnosis is c*vid if they simply assume it so.  I have heard many not into commercial science challenge that protocol only to be threatened with losing their licenses.  I can tell you as a health care practitioner myself that the assumptions are called differential diagnoses and when you prove or disprove the assumption, it either falls away or becomes the diagnosis.  The CDC (a for-profit corporation with investments in at least twenty vaccines) changed the rules for this “dis-ease” only.

Remember those figureheads for this so-called pandemic said over and over that when we have a vacc*ne, you can stop wearing a mask and stop other measures, but now, they are saying different.  If it had been truth that was said about a pathogen, then they would in fact know the truth about dealing with it and would not keep changing their narrative. In the hearing world, that is called “Talking out of both sides of their mouth.” Another way to know a lie is the information is delivered in a “wishy-washy,” non-committal style.  But the truth is, they know they are lying to you.

Raymond on disease causation said, “Disease processes are the body’s attempt to make things better.” This is why I say the average person has the vir*s figured all wrong.  They go and get a vacc*ne and feel they now have a license to behave badly and to mistreat their bodies with harmful intake.  Raymond goes on to say that our choices and external factors contribute to our wellbeing or lack of it. But bad choices are the number one factor, especially in light of negative talk to self.  Of what the average person thinks, 80% is negative; self-limiting, not inspiring. What happens is that life- force is depleted.  “Disease is caused; health is caused,” Raymond says.

There is a fraudulent nature to the presentation of “cov*d-19.”  It is a political tool for a variety of reasons.  It is unscientific by prescriptions such as quarantining people as thousands of non-commercialized scientists have stated. 

Here is Raymond’s paper [2009 pdf] Immunization Graphs: Natural Infectious Disease Declines; Immunization Effectiveness; and Immunization Dangers Prepared by: Raymond Obomsawin Ph.D.

(The First Avenger 2011 shows the predictive programming about this event.  They already have the graphic for the "virus" that will be used. They show you corona, which will be two-fold: a name used for the "virus" as well as the burial place for their sacrifice before the big kill (Kobie).

[“Dr. Obomsawin holds an M.Sc. and a PhD with concentrations in health science and human ecology. He currently heads his own research consulting service in eastern Canada. He has previously served as Senior Advisor on First Nations Health at the National Aboriginal Health Organization; Executive Director in the California Rural Indian Health Board system; Director of the Office for National Health Development NIB (now Assembly of First Nations); and founding Chairman of the National Commission Inquiry on Indian Health. His international work included appointments as Manager of Overseas Operations for CUSO; Evaluation Analyst and later Senior Advisor on Indigenous Knowledge at the Canadian International Development Agency.
    Dr. Obomsawin has advised senior decision-makers in the public sector regarding varied health, education, agriculture, nutrition, agro-forestry, and environmental projects. He Co-Chaired the United Nations Environment Program – Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group on the Potential Impacts of Genetic Use Restriction Technologies (alias “Terminator Seed” technologies). He also spearheaded the first world-wide inter-sectoral review funded by a Western government on Indigenous Culture-Based Knowledge Systems. The study elicited the involvement of over 500 bio-social development, technical and research institutions in all world regions, and entailed field missions to the Andean and upper Amazon regions of South America, as well as East Africa, South Asia, & Southeast Asia. He has produced over 85 academic and professional publications. Dr. Obomsawin was born in the United States in 1950. He and wife Marie-Louise have three adult children who have never received the prescribed regimen of childhood vaccines, and have exhibited lifelong immunity to the common childhood infectious diseases.”]



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