Thursday, May 6, 2021

AI is at the Helm


[It seems like AI is at the helm of the UNITED STATES corporation.]

[In this post about AI, I mean the District of Columbia, the jurisdiction that is seen. I do not mean the Judicial District, the one that is not seen. (The Judicial District is where you can send post without putting a stamp on an envelope. But since people only know about the District of Columbia, I just thought I would share that I think AI has control of it.) I mean yes, the Draco Reptilians, excetera might think they have control because they're on the same side right now while they're coming against humanity and trying to hold on in spite of the Light being grounded, but I think that because AI is at the helm right now, this is why all the stops are being pulled out.

Still no no reason to fear. It's just, the masses need to know who their opponent is.]

[One thing I know for sure because I researched it extensively around Sept 2020 when there was talk of what was to come to one of our local school districts, is related to the test. The "c*vid test" was to be "read," analyzed in artificial intelligence liquid. Artificial intelligence is everywhere that people just don't even suspect. The job opportunities associated with this whole thing, that involved AI was phenomenal. And since that so-called "c test" is the PCR and it's not even a test and it's not looking for something that's been isolated in the air or in you, well, quite frankly, what is artificial intelligence doing in the liquid?]

Check out the aggression in the pro-vax commercial shown here. (AI sees humans as despicable and lowly.)

Notice the human against human Agenda. Recall the Wopke curriculum, too.)

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