Sunday, May 23, 2021

The Covid Era


[I am Paget. I have been having afternoon tea parties since May 2020 with the mask-less (and at least partly aware). 

I published Interdimensional Disturbances Access Denied which includes techniques I use to raise my frequency and the frequency of Earth to support us in climbing out from under this control that seemingly has us in its grip. In my book, I am open and vulnerable with my experiences (and mistakes made along the way), but overall, it seems that now is the time for average folks to become aware of the power of their thoughts and the transformational ability behind Pinky-rose and other mental imageries that I teach (remind people of).

I acknowledge “past lives” and simultaneous lifetimes and in fact, refer to them as “points of focus” in my book, but I also acknowledge another option available to us which I suppose could be dubbed “the groundhog lifetime” since it is doing this point of focus over again.

I acknowledge that v*ccines, even as early as 1973, included interdimensional entities/devices to be used against Genetic humans since John B, who I mention in my book, found one in my head from a shot that I had received when living in Australia. (I have been actively “detoxing” from three injections, which were five v*ccines, since I was twenty.)

I acknowledge that we can be taken from any place and put back again without the average Genetic human’s awareness.  (This could be for harvesting, using, abusing, programming, etc.) We can also be “toyed with” where we lose time and yet can see that it appears we went shopping, though we cannot remember.  (This type of occurrence would usually be for the scientist used to tweak engineered biowarfare covertly without the scientist’s knowledge.) And I can tell you from experience how awesome it is when they get caught in the act and are held to account.

I would love an opportunity to remind you about simple techniques such as stating out loud, “(This specific thing) is not acceptable to me.  I vote no,” as well as speaking straight to the attackers, “I have signs on my back door, up on a shelf, in (such and such place) informing you (blah blah on how they are not permitted to enter my home or take me from any place, etc.) and you just disobeyed that.  I demand you be held accountable in the High Courts (nonphysical, spiritual jurisdiction, etc.)” We have this kind of Power, along with refining our frequency with modalities such as Esoteric Acupuncture. Instead, the Puppeteers are constantly rallying the masses (reactionaries) to righteous hatred hoping they will fight another bloody war.  Both the hatred and the fighting slow our frequency and trap us in their realm.

The game changer we each hold within us is our intention.  We are not helpless victims, though the deranged entities, both human and non-human, would like us to believe that.  When we rise out of a pit, so to speak, there is no-one left in there for them to bully.  I don’t remember how Cindy Brady’s brother helped to stop her Buddy Hinton, but I know how we can stop ours.

I recently retired as a sign language interpreter in Southern California because I was denied the right to opt out of all these experiments, which overall of course is alright with me because the whole experience showed those around me that they are actually involved in an experiment.  (I was permitted, eventually, to opt out of the c shot, because some will admit it is an experiment.  But the mask-wearing, daily temperature taking, and the weekly “c*vid test” taking were the experiments I was attempting to opt out of.) I am an acupuncturist, though not affiliated with a site at the moment due to a full plate associated with these times, currently formatting the eBook, and contemplating leaving Commiefornia. 

If you are interested in a perfect book for this era, the C*vid Era, please click the link below.]



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