Monday, May 3, 2021

The World is Resting on the Shoulders of New Zealanders


[When Jack and Rose were on the back of Titanic as it dipped and was ready to plunge into the ocean at top speed…well…that’s where we are.  Is NZ going to stand up to tyranny, or crumble and take us with them? 

When I was in NZ in 2016, I marveled at some high-tech in a fast-food restaurant that had not come to America, yet. My cousin informed me that things were tried out in NZ first. Interesting. I have known for a long time that if humanity did not become aware of their AI chains that even the CA state acu board would demand the c shot for renewal of lic. (The first hint of conformation came when I was told that I had to have personal medical insurance thanks to Obamacare, or I would lose my acu lic. The two had nothing to do with each other. I should only lose my lic if I harm someone, am unethical, etc.) So, I can tell you now that just because the system kicks me out does not mean that I forget how to balance the human and facilitate communication with their MultiSelf, should they desire that and do not recall how to achieve it alone. Likewise, I will still know how to operate a stick-shift and other vehicles with or without the system acknowledging it.

Back to what is occurring in NZ. I know many, and in fact am related to them, who will gladly have themselves injected with the c shot.  What humanity needs is for those who are aware, to stand tall and refuse the injection, even if it means retiring or quitting the job or career.

Perhaps we need to Fast.  Going without food and unnatural chemicals may make us of a more meditative frequency where we can truly gather our wits about us.  Perhaps it will be training for the lack of food that is coming to those in the system…and perhaps to those out of the system. New Zealand, the world is resting on your shoulders.

Please do not submit to a bully just because they have got you to the point of crying, “Uncle”. Please stand tall or they are going to start doing this all over the whole world more blatantly than is being done already. So far, it is businesses here and there that are trying to do this to its employees. New Zealand actually made legislation for an experimental pharmaceutical.  Think about that.]


This legislation is against the Nuremberg code through forcing a populace to submit to an experimental pharmaceutical.


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