Tuesday, March 8, 2022

How I View the Opponent of Genetic Humans


  • They* have had technology to bring spiritoids into Genetic human bodies by kicking out another’s spirit for a long time.  Hence, they can continue their Earthly plans uninterrupted.
  • They knew about light coming to Earth causing accelerated “growth” of lifestreams such as Genetic humans, and most likely set out to murder many humans each time this galactic push occurred.  Altering timelines would also have been part of their plan; though, there is always only so much a mere spiritoid may do when taking on Source, galactic pushes, etc…And our opponent knows it!
  • The huge numbers of aware lifestreams with and without physical counterparts at this time would be known to our opponent.  We have not “scared” them.
  •  Focusing on Pinky-rose (Love) and demanding that experience of our opponent is “upsetting” to them and is the way to “defeat” them, because it causes them to focus where they would rather not.  In response to this, they want Genetic humans spiraling out of control in hatred for them.  They are comfortable with hatred.  Hatred keeps their Game going.  Hatred keeps Genetic humans on the wrong side of the galactic push to higher frequency.

For all I have stated, take the Social Credit System as an example of their control of us.  If you become your own banker—get yourself in the Private away from the Public—you have become as Neo in the chair.  When you are in the Public, you are as Neo in the pod—they feed off you and control you and Mr. Anderson, Neo’s legal fiction. 

 If the Social Credit System comes in to control the masses—the reactionaries—you can stand outside that.  To the opponent, in regular talk, you are an “outlaw,” yet you are in the Private as their physical selves are.  You cannot be touched by them.  You can demand to travel freely as any freed-man can.  Their system can implode from the inside out as more of us move to the Private.  We do not need to hate them or fight with them or each other.

You have Pinky-rose love.  You have Source.  No need for Astral emotional outbursts.  No need to comply with tyranny.  Stand out by standing up.  Stand in the light that you must allow to shine.

The opponent is not scared, yet knows itself to be defeated.

Now, go.  Anchor the light. Hwa!


*They/The opponents are those that made history.  They told you how the Earth looks. They established lines to say this is that and that is this.  We have no idea how the land looks unless we have Astral travelled away from Earth and looked at it, and even then, there would be no lines.  The challenge with this; though, is that it is too easy to slip into the Astral, and now we are looking down on what many minds have created with their visits.  (The Astral level is impressionable.  Masters have left teachings there for you, but the lower you go, the more ramblings of humanity you find.)  It is the light-frequency Genetic human who can manage to look upon Physical Earth in an Astral body.  Again, we only know what controllers/opponents have told us, until we become a frequency to know.

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