Saturday, March 26, 2022

The Wrong Way to Go After an Enemy

The wrong way to go after an enemy is to see an opponent before you as your enemy. The Wrong way to go after an enemy is to make that opponent wrong and wish they would burn in Hell.  And, by the way, this is history repeating itself.  This is the same ole script used on humans to keep them chasing their tails.

In 1874, two Comanches, Isa-Tai and Qua-Nah (Parker) convinced some desperate Southern Cheyenne, Kiowa, and Comanche to believe in a protocol that would wipe all white people from the area.  (It briefly succeeded.)  By 2020, Q guaranteed some desperate humans from the covid era to believe in protocol that would wipe all pedo-elite from the Earth…they would be hung or whatever.  This is a common psy-op that is used on humans who are being suppressed, enslaved, and harmed in more ways, to give them “light at the end of the tunnel.”  It is a ploy to give them hope while simultaneously binding them in their chains.  Is killing to clear out “the bad” truly clearing out the bad?

You see, if someone or something has you all tied up in knots of victimhood and anger, you will not tap into the true support.  They do not want you tapping into the true support.   The heart from which you do an action is very important.  Holding a pinhead of Pinky-rose Love that is within you consciously and connecting it with your oppressor and demanding that your experience of this foe be that of Love, you give the opportunity for all “karma” and misgivings to fall away from that moment.  In that moment, you are commanding how things are to go: from a Space of Love.  Now, yes, when looking at greedy non-Indians of 1874 and politicians who wanted the food source of “Indians” extinct to support their demise so as the lands may be stolen, it is challenging to establish a Space of Love.  You would find it hard to believe that ones such as Sheridan, Grant and the local buffalo-hide traders had any love within them.  It is true; though, that if a human comes from Source, that human can stand in alignment with the Sound of Self and you can command it.

It is challenging to think of the Space of Love within yourself when reacting in fear or anger seems the right (trained) course of action, but it is.  Time and again, the group that is mistreated is governed by that carrot at the end of a stick, that gold at the end of the rainbow psy-op where hatred is brought into the mix. 

If we want to survive what is to come and we want to stand tall together, we need to establish a Space of Love where our oppressors either join us or leave because they are too uncomfortable.  Part of that is being true to yourself.  Are you a slave to Satanic goings on, or are you a liberated being?  Next go round of “mandates,” can you stand tall, or are you willing to fall?  If the majority of humanity is not creating a Space of Love, that is as a vote for all humanity falling.

Another example of how you are only helpless when you see an enemy and are filled with hatred is when you witness geoengineering.  Instead of cussing out the skies when you see their evil a foot, use Violet Cubes of Light to transmute the noxious harm intended for humans into Blessings for all lifestreams.  Love sometimes takes effort.  Hatred keeps you stuck in lower Astral reactions, and you cannot stand in alignment with the Sound of Self if you are busy hating individuals or groups.

Let’s stop with the wrong way to go after an enemy.  If we do not, then that next group will gladly invade here and displace us as those who were displaced before us.  Shall we try a different response this time? Let’s put down hatred, the concept of enemy, and create a Space of Love.  



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