Friday, April 1, 2022

An Invitation to Learn Two Years Ago


A look back to two years ago.

Paget Anne Hillebrand

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["Humans are actually quite arrogant because humans think they know everything about health. They think they've got it all figured out.
Something can travel in the air and be detrimental to us. The millimeter wave attack comes to mind, yet the corporations of the world known as governments don't lock us up safely away from that, now do they?
So right now there's this huge experiment going on with humanity's overall health.
We're seeing what's going to happen when millions of people are locked up for a an extended period of time and then released out to socialize with each other after their individual immune systems have forgotten how to communicate with all the pathogens and friendly bacteria that are out there.
But what about that whole aspect about our health most don't even remember? You have these huge energy vortexes/vortices that appear to be on the front and back midline of your body that come from your Astral body, a body that most of you don't even acknowledge you have. There's an energy exchange that happens there, as well as what goes on with your physical immune system. That information is not being completely snuffed out, but it is being adversely affected.
What if the controllers of these corporations know something about a human that you don't know?
I will remind you what I informed you about three weeks ago. The governments of the world have done so many things such as making pharmaceutical companies being unable to be sued by you if their product harms or kills you or someone you know, by implementing 3G and on, by allowing a harmful by-product known as fluoride to be put in your water, by allowing mercury to be put in your teeth and in your vaccines, by allowing the runoff water at autopsies to just go down the drain, by allowing a cell phone to find its way into practically every hand of every human the world over (because it's part of their agenda with a virtual prison) and none of these were in support of your heath. Yet, all of a sudden they're locking you in your house because they're worrying about a so-called virus that's flying around in the air and it could kill you.
Well according to Event 201, it isn't this bout that's deadly. It's the bout that comes about six months after the whole scenario begins.
When you and your unchallenged-for-too-long immune system finally go out and socialize with other humans, whether they now release something (millimeter wave, lab-pathogen...) or not, you are already going to be in more compromised health compared to what you could have been if you could have been mingling with germy vaccine shedding 3-year- olds to germy folks and objects in general.
Don't be near-sighted in your fear. Look at all angles.
Why not start investigating theories on the virus, Germ Theory in general, the immune system, microbiome, and vaccines?
The media is counting on using what you don't know against you.
Your psychological health and your physical health depend on it.
And you will be sent outside eventually."]
-Paget Anne of Essendon

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