Tuesday, May 9, 2023

The 'Black Vs. White' Card

So funny. There is no end to how the opponents of humanity want to keep the race card so in the consciousness of everyone.

What about offering gold and silver to all Californians who have been here their whole lives, are 71 or older, and can prove relationship with the white slaves who were here in the US? While we're at it, let's add a relationship with those who were kidnapped and forced to fight for the North in the War of Northern Aggression? While we're at it, why not if related to those who were kidnapped and made slaves on ships out of San Francisco? While we're at it, why not prove a relationship with all those who lived here first, even before the Spanish were here, because they had their share of being slaves, as well? While we're at it, why not if they can prove they were related to the Louisiana Moors, who were also mistreated and here first?

The bottom line is that the opponent to humanity has long since made (and constantly seeks to make) a divide with two groups: White & Black, when they truly mistreat ALL humans.

Wake up, or don't and enjoy their drama.

PS. Reserve notes are discharging debt. They are not true currency as grain, cigarettes, liquor, gold, silver and such. Their drama is backed by nothing.




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