Friday, July 7, 2023

The Overreach of Tyrants


The overreach of tyrants is often accomplished with your permission. 

The agents of the government are unlawful if they do the things mentioned in the link below because your Natural Rights are Law. Boundaries are part of the fiction except to say you have a Right to a domain that was established lawfully, and no-one may trespass.

The opponent to humanity’s words on paper (legislation) is not Lawful.

Perhaps you are not aware of a few things that already have invaded your privacy:

·       If you have SMART electric and water meters, you are already being spied on, possibly controlled, but definitely will be controlled more later.


·       If you have in home monitors, they can be accessed by trespassers most likely without your knowledge. That means some perv can get off on your baby or know when you are not at home. And spies know where your cameras or monitors of sound are.


·       If you take the mobile phone with you everywhere, it is listening—may be what you’re saying is being recorded, and the opponent can access your camera so be certain to cover it when it’s not in purposeful use. You are being tracked and traced through that phone. And long ago even with basic technology such as in Telefon, you may be controlled through your phones. (The homeless were given them for this reason and for being tracked.)


·       Modern TV’s can spy with sound and cameras. In hotels, I at least cover them, but if I can get to the plug, I take it out. If you watch TV, then do this after you’re finished with it for the night. I’m ignorant about where they place the camera and if any exists that don’t have one. I have a black and white plug-in TV without a camera, but it can’t work in these modern controlled times.


·       Being on the internet…Unless you know how to be private, the opponent to humanity has profiled you by what you say, post, click on, purchase, and more. If you post about the latest “decorations,” (for example, “I haven’t taken down my submarine decorations and you’re putting up your cocaine decorations,”) the latest sound bite, they see you. If you don’t, they see you and will attempt another distraction. (And yes, sometimes they are more than distractions, but they are still orchestrated lies on some level. For instance, I see many discussing cocaine found in the White House. This absurd sound bite is all I’ve heard as I pass by the posts, but one can see that much. It doesn’t feel as if the story was planted in our consciousness only for distraction. Is it to be used to get rid of Harris so they then can get rid of Biden without her being placed in the fake position even for a second? Is it one of many absurd, far-reaching attacks on Trump? Even if there was anyway it could be true that coke was found there and it hadn’t been planted and honest investigators were present, prints and DNA can be placed on whatever contained the supposed coke.) It’s still worth ignoring. Surveys such as “How many places have you been?” and “How many things have you done?” are gathering info on you. Rewards cards and accounts are tracking and profiling you.

·       Simply not using cash, gold, silver, cigarettes, or liquor in transactions is causing you to be tracked and profiled.


·       Frequencies around you such as 5G, 6G, millimeter waves and Wi-Fi may control you to harm or death, or they are simply used to spy. If you go through the modern airport scanner, you have been seen intimately by strangers. It’s an invasion of privacy to treat you as a criminal when most problems at airports were inside jobs. Certain rules of safety have always been in place and always, there’s people who know how to ignore them.


·       $hots. Va((ines are a way to introduce whatever technology the opponent to humanity wants to introduce into you. Worse, it can be accessed to control your behavior and thoughts and inner workings of you body to harm or to kill you. (For those who don’t have $hots, IV vitamins may be compromised. For example, Non-corn Vitamin C doesn’t have glyphosate, but how many ND’s and other practitioners care or know?) Nanotech may be in anything injected into you.


           You’ve given them permission on so many levels, that they have no intention of stopping and the overreach of tyrants won't stop here. It’s time you realize that you are Man (in science and law Man is mankind as in womb-man and man; the Genetic human) with Natural Rights which are Law. Their intent is to harm you. Trespassing on your privacy IS breaking the Law. These tyrants are supposed to be in public office, having taken an Oath to serve you, Man. You are not their pawn. They may not get an erection over forcing you to cover your nostrils and mouth simultaneously, nor to hide in the bushes of your property watching your kids, nor place their cameras on your property, nor tap into your appliances and phones, but they do. 

           I have No Trespassing signs and a contract that is entered should someone trespass around my property. I know about another court because, as I wrote in my book, I got dragged in there for breaking the Law. Even if you don’t know about that and are unaware of “levelling up” spiritually by standing in alignment with the Sound of Self, surely you know rapists get off on the act of Power over its prey. Stop being prey to these sicko tyrants. Their Code is not real. It is unlawful to trespass. Make it hard for them to have the overreach of the tyrant.

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