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Chicken Pox & Shingles Vaccinations and Subsequent Outbreaks

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Pharmaceutical companies love to make life-long customers.  Natural immunity to diseases from diseases themselves interferes with Big Pharma’s money-making model.  After all, common knowledge about vaccinations is that they don’t offer lifetime protection from diseases like true immunity (once you’ve had the disease) usually does.1   (Yes, there are times when someone will get a natural disease again, but experiencing an illness once is usually enough.)  The Chicken Pox and Shingles vaccines adhere to the rule with the Chicken Pox vaccine lasting for at least 13 years,2 and the Shingles vaccine for about 5 years.3   Again, having the Chicken Pox shot as a kid may leave you vulnerable to having the disease as an adult, whereas if you had the disease as a child, then you have true immunity.4  Of course, if you are taking responsibility for your health and have nothing to do with western drugs, you most likely have a different kind of arsenal of protection if you’ve never had the disease.  If you are an adult who doesn’t know about homeopathy, essential oils, and acupuncture for example, and your Chicken Pox vaccine wears off, you have to go get another one, or else worry, for instance if you are a woman, that you may get Chicken Pox while you’re pregnant—worrying because that may mean birth defects for your child.  If vaccinated people manage to live long lives, imagine how many times this group may have to get revaccinated with all the diseases for which pharmaceutical companies have vaccines.  This is Big Pharma’s pay-off, because that’s a lot of money!

The Chicken Pox vaccine is given to children who are 1 to 12-years-old and to healthcare workers.5  Two doses of the Chicken Pox vaccine is also recommended for 13-year-olds administered 4-8 weeks apart.6  If you think natural Chicken Pox is a drag, because you’re sick for about a week, see if you think the vaccine is a better option.  Some side effects that have been reported after the Chicken Pox vaccination include “severe rash, infections of the lungs or liver, meningitis, seizures, pneumonia, or general severe infection with the virus strain from the vaccine.”7 Meningitis is worse than Chicken Pox.  And, did you catch that?  You can get infected with the virus from the vaccine!  Surprise.  It wasn’t that healthy, unvaccinated kid who doesn’t have the disease who gave it to little Johnny.  It was the shot itself!  This has been duplicated often where 50% to 70% of kids who had been vaccinated against Chicken Pox got it.8  Even St. Jude recommend that visitors who have a rash after recently receiving the Chicken Pox vaccine avoid contact with cancer patients, because the vaccine sheds the virus.9  Pregnant women are warned to stay away from anyone who has Chicken Pox as well as people who have been vaccinated against Chicken Pox who may be experiencing a mild form of Chicken Pox called "breakthrough" Chicken Pox.  "Breakthrough" Chicken Pox, usually little or no fever with only a few skin lesions, is contagious.10  People amongst you in the movie theatre did not get that memo that you are pregnant.  A percentage of them could be shedding this virus from when they got vaccinated.  This is an important point that the media and your doctor omit: the receiver of the shot can get Chicken Pox from the shot, as well as to give it to others. The choice is yours…even when the authorities mandate it.  Have the natural disease, work your immune system, have life-long immunity, feel confident that you’re protected as an adult, as well as the possibility that you'll never get Chicken Pox, because you diligently work at natural immunity through food and healthcare choices, OR have the vaccine and no confidence (because it’ll wear off) and worry that you may get meningitis AND Chicken Pox while you’re at it!  But, there’s more.
A strange phenomenon is that cases of Shingles have risen since around the time the Chicken Pox vaccine made its appearance, possibly because older people’s immune systems aren’t getting the natural boost from the natural Chicken Pox as in the old days.  You know, sharing Pox germs while sharing a hug with a child, for instance, supposedly isn’t happening anymore.11  The CDC’s Dr. Hale wrote that herpes zoster, which is shingles, has been increasing and that one hypotheses is because of the “widespread vaccination of children against varicella,” though he doubts this can be true since his records show that Shingles started to increase in 1992 and the shot came out in 1995.12  What if natural Chicken Pox was already declining before the shot?  But, the lack of contact with children experiencing natural Chicken Pox may only be part of the increase in Shingles.13  What if the varicella virus in Shingles is like the viral meningitis that is occurring from non-meningitis vaccinations?  We’ve seen how we can get meningitis from the Chicken Pox shot, for example, and we know of many vaccines that were out prior to the Chicken Pox shot…Shingles from another kind of vaccine?  Hmmm.  Another possibility may be that the Chicken Pox that can occur after receiving the vaccination may be taking on a different disease process just like Atypical Measles does, and this atypical form may be shedding to future Shingle sufferers.14  Also, the authorities may be spraying a formula that includes an atypical varicella virus on us from planes in order to create a need for the Shingles virus.15  Authorities have been spraying nasty pathogens on the public for decades and this certainly could have happened prior to 1992.16  Know this, though.  If the reason for the increase in Shingles is discovered and addressed, then there would be no need for the vaccine.  For as long as the CDC doesn’t know why there’s an increase in Shingles cases, they can push their Shingles vaccine, which has been with us since 2006.17 And as long as there’s a garbage can in any CDC meeting room along with matches, well, the CDC may never know.18 Does the need for this vaccine outweigh the risks?  It is said that the Shingles vaccine is a safe and effective vaccine that prevents Shingles in 50 percent of those vaccinated and reduces the incidence of PHN by 66 percent, going on to say, “Although people who are vaccinated may still get shingles, they are likely to experience a milder case than un-vaccinated persons.”19 Is Fifty percent prevention a good enough statistic for you?
The Shingles vaccine is also a live virus vaccine and it can also shed.  In a Natural Health article, it is suggested “as a public health initiative that all recently vaccinated individuals should be quarantined for a minimum of several weeks due to the risk they pose to society.”20  It is posited that “scientific evidence demonstrates that individuals vaccinated with live virus vaccines such as MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), rotavirus, chicken pox, shingles and influenza can shed the virus for many weeks or months afterwards and infect the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike” and  “vaccine recipients can carry diseases in the back of their throat and infect others while displaying no symptoms of a disease.”21  These viruses shed, yet the media will prompt you to get vaccinated.  Shedding is a real concern that many groups play down and the immune compromised apparently shed the virus from a vaccine longer than the average person.22  A vicious circle is established.   
Your risk of getting Shingles increases as you get older, so naturally, the CDC recommends you get the Shingles vaccine.23  Naturally?  Let’s face it.  As we get older, we have to be more discerning about what we ingest, how late we stay out, not to change directions too quickly, etc.  It’s alarming how quickly people reach for a pharmaceutical rather than working on their diet, establishing an exercise program, and accessing medicinals that do no harm.  It seems people would rather inject themselves with whatever is in the vaccine along with the live virus (the insert omits an ingredient list) every 5 years than working to embrace true health.24  Latent viruses and debris such as latent pathogenic qi from having experienced childhood diseases can be addressed with homeopathic remedies, herbal formulas, and Esoteric Acupuncture treatments to name a few.  It’s easier to simply get a vaccine and to place the responsibility for your health anywhere but on yourself, right?  Well, what if you got struck down with Shingles BECAUSE of the vaccine?  Whose responsibility would it be then?

Where are these 100 deaths every year prior to the Chicken Pox vaccine?  I keep reading the same old statistic with no official report.  I was in schools in America either as a student or an employee prior to 1995.  I never heard of anyone dying of Chicken Pox.  In fact, I couldn’t believe it when they came out with the Chicken Pox vaccine, especially when Chicken Pox is a disease all people should have to prep their immune systems and to protect future babies of today’s children.  I think part of the problem is that Western Medicine doesn’t know how to safely treat those experiencing natural Chicken Pox.  A 15-year-old was hospitalized and died 3 weeks later while in their care.  Western Medicine treatments are notorious for pushing a pathogen deeper instead of venting the pathogen.  Perhaps she died of treatment, not the Chicken Pox, but the public got scared just the same.25  This 15-year-old’s death is from 2012, after the vaccine was out, so perhaps there are other factors like with atypical disease expressions involved.26  Another death from Chicken Pox occurred in 2014, after the vaccine was out, so she could have contracted it from a person who had been vaccinated.  She could have been experiencing an atypical form as well.  Hmmm.  In fact, she died of pneumonia and I know that with Atypical Measles, pneumonia occurs more often than with natural Measles.27  When I was searching for these 100 deaths per year of Chicken Pox prior to the shot, I also found that in England, more adults were dying from Chicken Pox after the shot had been introduced compared to in the 1960’s.28  England doesn’t recommend the shot to its public as vehemently as in the States, so why is that?  Why are more adults dying now compared to the 60’s if this vaccine is so wonderful?  Again, is it because the vaccine type of Pox is far more dangerous that the natural Pox?  And is it another excuse to blame the unvaccinated so that mandates can be made?

Knowing everything about something to be injected into yourself and into your children is important, so you need to know that both the Chicken Pox and the Shingles vaccines are grown on human aborted fetus cell strains: WI-38 or the MRC-5.29  This may or may not tug at your conscience, but it certainly needs to be figured into the pros and cons when weighing these vaccines against natural immunity choices.  Also, the work ethic of the doctors may be a concern of yours.  The Chicken Pox vaccine is contraindicated in pregnancy.30 That means absolutely not to have it if pregnant, yet does your doctor stress the importance of this contraindication?  Does he or she do a pregnancy test before injecting women of childbearing age with this vaccine.31  If you’re a woman of child bearing age, does the doctor at least ask you if you think you might be pregnant?

There you have it.  The Chicken Pox vaccine and the Shingles vaccine as one choice.  Natural immunity as another choice.  Embrace your choice with confidence.


Other diseases were on the decline prior to vaccinations.  Why would Chicken Pox be any different? 



This footnote to someone’s article was significant to me, because it admits a decline prior to the shot: “CDC. Decline in annual incidence of varicella—selected states, 1990–

2001. MMWR 2003;52:884–5” (, 276). 

 This chart certainly shows that Chicken Pox was on the decline before the vaccination came out.

Varicella Cases






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