Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Vaccine God

Prior to the huge political and media push to make vaccines mandatory, I only muttered comments here and there to friends, acquaintances, and especially to teachers of western medical classes (who behaved like they knew everything on the matter when it was obvious that I had researched the topic  more thoroughly than any of them).  Prior to the push of mandates, I had no idea vaccines were as a religion to the masses.  I had no idea that the hype over vaccines had been invested in so deeply.  To many, vaccines are as a god.  They are there to protect, support, save, and to give life to each human walking on this earth.  Without vaccines, humans would perish in an instant.  Truly, there is to many a vaccine god.

Then someone comes along and states all the fraud involved through the basically 250ish year history of vaccines and people just can’t hear it.  They throw their arms up as if to surrender and say in anger that they don’t want to talk about it.  Rather than hearing how wonderful the human body can be and how easy it is to accept the responsibility that has been given to the vaccine god, they want all education regarding vaccines to stop.  For example, rather than hearing how harmful the chicken pox shot is from simply reading the insert that accompanies the shot, they’d rather risk experiencing the vaccine strain of varicella, aseptic (meaning viral not bacterial) meningitis, thrombocytopenia, and/or anaphylactic shock. They’d rather get struck down with painful shingles later or shed the virus to others so more people can get chicken pox or shingles.  They’d rather have paraesthesia where weird “pins and needles” occurs and sometimes can be so numb that the person can’t feel their feet, for instance.  Then the white coated god can give drugs and sympathy to the poor soul, while suggesting they don’t miss their flu shot.

Vaccination programs have time and again been followed by disease outbreaks, but the vaccine god was put into place by stating that vaccines wiped out diseases.  It’s sacrilegious to turn away from a god, but I invite you to try for just a moment.  Right now, we are seeing all of those diseases and conditions warned about on the vaccine inserts as outbreaks all around us, yet we are being told to take more vaccines in order to protect ourselves from these outbreaks.  Look behind the curtain, the vaccine god is all hot air!


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