Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Coronavirus Plandemic

"The trouble is that we don't know what The District of Columbia, the fake government of the US & Australia, are up to, but since they consistently put pen to paper for actions against our health, locking us down cannot be for anything good.
Are they simply cleaning up many of the child abusing officials and performers as is rumored?
Are they installing grids and antennas to make our classrooms, work places, libraries, etc targeted millimeter wave attacks as they desire?
Are they going to force more pharmaceuticals (that have never been proven safe, effective, or necessary that are based on out-dated ideas of what the immune system and viruses were once thought to be) on everyone?
The only thing we know for sure is that things are not as they seem.
Stay alert and safe."

- [Paget Anne of Essendon]

"Gosh, if I were to give you some herbs or give you some acupuncture, I wouldn't be wearing gloves and a mask like this. Is he afraid he's going to get her sick with a germ that he has or is he afraid of what's in the vial? Or is he thinking that the patient is already sick and so therefore she shouldn't have the vacc*ne? Do people always look like this when they administer vacc&nes to your kids? Crazy!
When she becomes ill, or worse, transitions, will we hear that she must have been sick prior to receiving the v*ccine?  I mean, that's what they tell you about the flu shot.  They say, 'You would have had it worse if you hadn't received the shot.'  Well, folks.  There's no proof of that.  No v4xcine has gone against a saline placebo-receiving control group.  Ask your doctor for their proof.  Take a book.  You;ll be waiting a long time."
- [Paget Anne of Essendon]

"Healthy children who never received vile ingredients from a vial from a doctor or nurse who worked for the establishment were instructed by the fictitious government ruling Australia and the US to stay home from school.

Now that same government is ordering the world to stay home.

It's like I've said...They can't just suddenly place you on lock down or take away all your rights.  They have to do it little by little so you won't throw a fit, or better...notice. 

They come up with "the cold" kind of CV, the one made in a lab and pattented, and millimeter waves and SMART meters ...and of course their number one weapon, the media.  Ah, now they've got you where they want you.

Stay home or you'll die is reverse speak for Stay home so we can build your prison...or death camp."

-[Paget Anne of Essendon]

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